India Has Started Badmaashi At The LOC Again After Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Was Set Free

By Noor | 2 Mar, 2019

LOC was a war zone again last night


Recent efforts by Pakistan for regional peace have been appreciated by all. The unconditional release of the captured Indian pilot won many hearts across the region but it feels like India’s still being a bit of a brat.


Yesterday, Wing commander Abhinandan safely returned to India

The Wing Commander walked to his home country via Wagah border. He was handed over by the Pakistan ranger officials to the Border security force followed by some paperwork.



Though this move by the Prime Minister IK aimed for de-escalation of the tensions between the two neighboring countries but the release of the Indian pilot was followed by increased intensity of unprovoked Indian firing along LOC last night

It is being said that after the release of the pilot, the situation along the LOC intensified. Pakistani and Indian forces fired shells at each other across the LOC and the Kashmiris continued to suffer.


Indian firing began just after the release of Wing commander Abhinandan


Kashmir also continues to bleed and violence has engulfed the region

Sources state that the Indian firing injured many and damaged the system of electricity and telecommunication.


A large number of civilian casualties have been reported due to Indian firing

Areas of Tatta pani, Jandrot and Nakyal along with the other sectors in Jammu and Kashmir have became a target of heavy Indian firing.


Things have become worse in Kashmir and the local population of Kashmir has confirmed the Indian brutality


Short range missiles have been fired leading to the destruction of houses and the network facilities.


The region of Kashmir is reportedly on red alert again with multiple casualties being reported

Even the peace-making efforts of Pakistan have not been appreciated by Indian authorities, instead, the Indian media states that the release of the Indian pilot is a result of the immense diplomatic pressure by India. Pakistan expected that this particular move would help in defusing the tensions built up in the region but the things seem to have gone worse.

Kashmiris on both sides of the LOC continue to suffer. Mutual desire for peace is the solution for this regional chaos and it seems like that the unilateral efforts for peace will remain unfruitful until both sides can actually come together.



Modi Just Went On A Weird Rant After His Badmaashi Backfired And Even Indians Are Trolling Him



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