Indian Model Poonam Pandey Took Off Her Bra To Troll Pakistan Before The Match But It Backfired Real Quick

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Jun, 2019

Indian glamor model Poonam Pandey is certainly notorious for her extreme statements, particularly during big matches for the Indian cricket team. She initially came into mainstream press when she promised to strip for the Indian cricket team if it won the 2011 Cricket World Cup which it did but she ended up not keeping her end of the bargain.


With rising excitement around the upcoming Pakistan – India match on Sunday, Poonam Pandey is back with yet another “eye opening” stunt

Ms. Pandey just released a video on her social media last evening where she ‘responded’ to the infamous Pakistani ad that had mocked Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan. That ad has definitely triggered folks in India, even leading to Sania Mirza condemning ads like that as ‘cringeworthy’.

Poonam, in her ‘response’ to the words “ye cup kidhar le ke ja rahay hain?” in the ad, proceeds to remove her bra saying that Pakistan can take her “D cups” instead. As a guy, one must wonder, is this supposed to be an insult?


Naturally, her ‘response’ has done exactly what she intended – brought attention from people on both sides of the border


While Indians thought it was a ‘savage’ reply in some way


Pakistanis, in particular, are trolling her for what she attempted as a roast of Pakistanis


Basically Poonam’s response backfired real quick and we aren’t sad for her… at all


So, this banter just keeps getting ridiculous but honestly I’d take this battle of “savage” responses on social media any day over military responses. Keep at it, South Asians!


Indians Are Pissed After This Pakistani World Cup Ad Joked About Wing Commander Abhinandan

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Cover image via: / @iPoonampandey via Twitter

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