Sania Mirza Just Said She's Pissed Off At Pakistan And India For Trolling Each Other Before The Match & People Are Losing It

By Sannia Bilal | 13 Jun, 2019

Sania Mirza is not happy about the ads being aired by both India and Pakistan.

As we all know, the much awaited Pakistan and India showdown is right around the corner. On Sunday, to be precise. During this time, as a build up to the big event, it seems mandatory to see irreverent ads surfacing from both sides of the border.


While many people enjoy the teeli walay ads that Pakistan and India are showing before the big match Sania bhabi seems to have a problem with them

Taking to Twitter, our beloved bhabi said that she finds such ads “cringeworthy” and unnecessary for a match that has enough attention already. Then she said that it’s only cricket and if anyone thinks it’s anything more than that, they might as well “get a grip or get a life”.


So what ads was she specifically referring to?

One of the two biggest culprits have been this Pakistani ad which makes fun of the Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan who was captured by Pakistan when his plane crashed as he was attempting to conduct a “surgical strike” in Pakistan, back in February.


And the other one is this Indian ad that is a “sequel” of sorts to the infamous mauka mauka ad that India had released back in 2015.


Obviously, Sania’s tweet garnered reactions from both sides of the border

Some agreed that the players are going to end up swimming for their lives due to rain so this unnecessary attempt to stir up animosity was a futile exercise.


While others suggested that cricket can, and has in the past been, used to break the ice between the two mortal enemies


And these guys corrected Sania bhabi and added that it really is not JUST cricket

With rivals like Pakistan and India everyone around the world knows that sports clashes are about more than just sporting rivalry. Especially with recent events and relations between the two countries taking a downward turn, it is expected that the upcoming match will be even more tense than usual.

Many, of course, agreed with her that the ads were in poor taste


And yes, Pakistanis and Indians started fighting about the match

Khair, wherever you have people of the two countries competing against each other this sort of rivalry is bound to happen. Honestly, it’s better to exercise this animosity on the cricket field than on the borders.

Good luck to both the teams for Sunday. Peace!


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Cover image via: @mirzasaniar / Instagram

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