Pakistani K-Pop Fans Are Uniting With iKONICs To Protest After B.I Was Allegedly Forced To Leave The Group

By Rameeza Ahmad | 12 Jun, 2019

Pakistani K-Pop fans are standing up with iKONICs after IKON’s B.I left suddenly

As the popularity of k-pop rises globally, it has become quite popular in Pakistan as well. While BTS, EXO and Blackpink have the biggest fan bases, other bands also have a considerable following. And when tragedy strikes, all fandoms tend to put their differences aside and unite for a cause.

And a similar tragedy has just struck, iKON’s leader Hanbin, who’s stage name is B.I has announced that he is leaving the band.


The announcement came as a shock to everyone, even to K-Pop fans in Pakistan


A lot of BTS ARMY have come together with iKONICs to talk about how they think B.I should not have to leave the band for something he did three years ago and also apologized for.

According to a statement released by the band on their Instagram page, the decision has been made by B.I himself. A Korean publication named ‘Dispatch’ uncovered messages between iKON’s B.I and a drug dealer in which the two were talking about him purchasing LSD. The conversation was from 2016.

The official statement by Hanbin aka B.I was released on Instagram where he apologized for his actions and said he has made a decision to leave the band.


Some iKONICs are busy trying to get petitions signed for B.I not to leave the band

A lot of people are upset with the group’s management agency; YG. In the past, YG has been through some major scandals. Most notably the Burning Sun scandal where a club owned by one of the members of a band they manage; Big Bang was the focal point for an investigation involving allegations of prostitution.


There are also rumors that YG’s current all female group Blackpink might be racking up views on YouTube because of fake bought views.

But there has yet to be any proof behind these accusations.


It’s clear that YG does not want any scandal associated with them anymore after the Burning Sun incident and have taken prompt action to get rid of anything that could further jeopardize their reputation; like B.I being accused of purchasing and using drugs.

What do you think about B.I leaving iKON? Let us know in the comments below.


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