This Bakery In Karachi Is Bringing “Tabdeeli” With Its Absolutely On Point Imran Khan Cake

By Sinwan Zahid | 31 Jul, 2018

Less than a week ago marked the day Imran Khan and his party won the much anticipated General Elections in Pakistan. Not only was it a massive win for Imran Khan’s party PTI, but also a major feat even in former stronghold Punjab for the PML-N.

The slogan of change or tabdeeli that came out these elections may have much to do with the Panama Papers case in which the Sharifs offshore businesses and properties were mentioned, and then later Nawaz Sharif’s arrest for which there was also a cake that you can see here.


Amidst the optimism and fear of  new government, this cake for a PTI fan started gaining attention on social media

It shows Khan standing at the podium with his hand on the heart. In his signature white shalwar kameez and PTI red and green patta, our new Prime Minister does look quite dashing even as a cake.

imran khan
Source: Once Upon A Cake/Facebook


Those are some mad fondant carving and figurine skills, btw

Look at how much he resembles the figurine in real life

imran khan


They even got the hair and wrinkles on point

imran khan
Source: Once Upon A Cake/Facebook


But the question is where is this cake from and how can we get it made?

This cake was made a little over a year ago by a bakery in Karachi called Once Upon A Cake. They specialize in fondant and buttercream cakes and cupcakes and have been in the business for around 4 years now.

Done in fondant, the inspiration for the figurine of Imran Khan definitely comes from one of his jalsas. He has been oft seen sporting the same outfit at a number of rallies and is has somewhat become his signature. So anyone who sees this and isn’t able to recognize by face can always tell it’s him.

Whilst having a word with the makers of the cake, they mentioned the cake was made a year ago and their fondant sculpting skills have only gotten better. So we can only imagine what they can conjure up for you if you ask for a figure on top of your cake.


If nothing comes to imagination, here’s some of their work:

An year has passed, their love has strengthened, and a lifetime is yet to come <3#anniversary #cake #celebration #couple #love #ouacpk

Gepostet von Once Upon A Cake am Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018


With mask on her face and her suitcase almost packed, she's ready for her new life to start! In love with this unique "…

Gepostet von Once Upon A Cake am Freitag, 6. Juli 2018

WORK IN PROGRESS 👷👩‍🔧A family of three handmade figures all ready to hop onto their awaiting cake. Stay tuned for the cake pictures!! 😍#behindthescene #beachthemed #figures #handmade

Gepostet von Once Upon A Cake am Freitag, 19. Januar 2018


Gepostet von Once Upon A Cake am Freitag, 7. Juli 2017


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Cover image via Once Upon A Cake/Jaago TV

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