We Tried The Viral Japanese Cheesecake In Lahore At SCAFE And OMG

By Sinwan Zahid | 21 Jun, 2018

You’ve probably seen dozens of videos in your newsfeed about those jiggly pancakes/cheesecakes from Japan, and maybe you’ve even wondered what it would be like to actually have one yourself. Well, we did and turns out that you can actually get them localy. So, using the new Hungerist app, we made our way to SCAFE to try out the Japanese cheesecake in Lahore to see what the hype was all about.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of the cake, have a look at how it jiggles and bounces

These cheesecakes comes from Fukuoka, Japan and Uncle Tetsu was the first bakery that started making / selling these airy, rich cakes. They blew up a few years ago on the internet and since then everyone has been consumed by the jiggly cheesecake fever, including us.

We found out that SCAFE was the only restaurant making these, we inquired about how we could get our mouths on these cheesecakes and learn more about them. So the staff at SCAFE invited us over for a Jiggly Cheesecake Masterclass conducted by Chef Rob Burns, where they had a proper spread of ingredients and equipment ready for us in their pastry kitchen.

japanese cheesecake in lahore scafe mangobaaz hungerist
Source: MangoBaaz

And so the Japanese cheesecake making began!

We all split into pairs and started challenging each other

Haadia and I were sure ours was going to be the best Japanese cheesecake in Lahore! We started off with the cake batter first which involved cream cheese, eggs, love and dedication, which fortunately for us, the other two pairs lacked (ours was eventually the best in the end).


The batter was popped into the oven in a water bath for a few hours

And when it finally came out, a jiggle attempt was made whilst still in the cake tin. Oh and jiggle it did.

TBH, I wanted to throw everyone aside and dive into the cake with a fork at this point

japanese cheesecake in lahore scafe mangobaaz hungerist
Source: MangoBaaz

But we had to be polite and tameezdar so we sat down on the table

Waiting as they prepared the cake to serve was the most difficult 10 minutes of our entire cooking and tasting careers (which aren’t all that long tbh).


japanese cheesecake in lahore mangobaaz hungerist
Source: MangoBaaz

We put it to the test again: AND IT WAS JIGGLY!!!

And so, so soft. The cake had the right amount of sugar in my opinion (if that’s a thing), it wasn’t unnecessarily and overly sweet. It was so rich and yet so flavourful, eating it we realized it was almost the Far East, ghee-less and put together version of anday ka halwa. There was also no flour in it so we basically didn’t even have to chew. It just melted right in our mouths and made us foodgasm without shame.

We got too busy eating it and finished it off within a few minutes

But this is how it looks when you go into it with your spoon/fork and take a bite.

That’s all folks! Let us know if you want us to try to find and bring more unique and viral dishes to you and we will.

Also, please download the Hungerist app on iOS or Android or check out the website.


Cover image via gluttodigest.com


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