Meera Just Said She's A Better Actor Than Priyanka Chopra And Well, We’ve Run Out Of Things To Say

By Arslan Athar | 31 Jul, 2018

News broke earlier today that Priyanka Chopra will be starring opposite Chris Pratt in a movie called ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’ (that titles deserves its own piece, but going back to the topic at hand). Meera Jee got a bit triggered by the news.

She had her own interesting take on it….

Yes you DID read that right 

Source: Zone3

Oh, she strikes again! 

Source: ABC

People had mixed reactions 

I’m still a little shook that someone said this 

She was thanked, but for the wrong reasons

Bro, same. 

To be fair, I couldn’t agree more with this 

This response is definitely a winner 

This tweet made people doubt if this her real account

Also, the theme of death was pretty evident after reading this tweet. Ya’ll need to calm down 

The Grammar Police were on duty 

But there were some voices of support 

Oh well, what do you think of Meera’s tweet? Does she deserve a shot in Hollywood :))

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