Maryam Nawaz's Son, Junaid Safdar, Was Called The New Hottie In Town But The Internet's Not Having Any Of It

By Nai Dulhan | 31 Jul, 2018

While Nawaz Sharif and his dear daughter Maryam Nawaz have been doing jail time in Adiala Jail, the whole world (okay only PML-N supporters) have taken into their hands to make everyone else feel bad about this “lambi judai”…jaisay humara he toh kasoor hai that the family has been torn apart by this painful distance.


We’ve all seen the emotional photographs of the Sharif family’s last moments before Nawaz Sharif and Maryam went to jail

They worked overtime to play the emotions card on the sentimental public of Pakistan.



While the father, daughter duo spend jail time, some people have been suggesting that after this whole jail time fiasco, it is time for Junaid Safdar to step into politics and be the savior PML-N has been waiting for all their life

News of him landing in Pakistan and joining PML-N’s third generation of the #khatayhaintohlagatybhehain agenda has been floating around for the past few days.

But unlike mama bear, Junaid Safdar has decided to make his presence felt to the aam awaam in a not-so-political manner. (Who cares about that pfft, kya baat ker rehay ho yaar?)


So, chota Nawaz AKA Junaid Safdar AKA Junno is the apparently new HOTTIE in town


Hello Frenz…Junno dekh lo

Matlab, boy ka scene izz awn



His style game is on point

Major Student of the Year meet Raj from Muhabbatain vibes going on



Laydis log ke saath bhe scene on hai apkay bhai ka – aik pappi idhar, aik pappi udhar – koi masla he nai boyz



Junno bhai also knows how to work that smize

Take notes guys, Junno is not about being a sakht launda, he is a lover boy.



Oh lagda Lahore da aye, jis hisaab naal tyaar honda aye….know what I mean?



Oh Junno, why you do dis? Why you play with our feelings like dis?

Via: Tumblr


As usual, Pakistani people on social media had to roast this fresh AF chicken piece out of the oven


Via: Instagram


Via: Instagram


Some people became a little too mean. Offensive even

Via: Instagram

Hai Oye…

Via: Instagram

Haye O Rabba…

Via: Instagram


But there were others who thought he was looking pretty dapper too… Oh wait, Nope

LOL JK, they hate him

Via: Instagram

Nai Nai…we’re just kidding…some…not a lot (sorry can’t lie yaar) actually had something good to say about him

Via: Instagram

kasmay yaar…I mean baby

Via: Instagram

Girls and guys, there you have it so this proves, yet again, that the Internet can be a mean, mean place but then again agar khatay hain toh lagatay bhe hain, acha? 

What do you think of Junaid Safdar and his shashkay? Let us know in the comments below.


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