Iman Ali's Sister Revealed Her Dramatic Love Story And Her 10-Year Journey To Getting Married

By Iman Zia | 24 Apr, 2019

Iman Ali’s sister Rahma (remember her singing the ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’ OST) recently got married in a very intimate ceremony to Sibtain Khalid. It wasn’t the easiest love story and resembles quite the Bollywood film – what with their kahaani spanning a whopping ten years until they finally ended up together.


Rahma spoke to ‘Images Dawn’ and divulged how she only found out she’d be getting married at the end of March this year.

She revealed that she knew Sibtain since 2009, having met through a mutual friend in Lahore. They fell in love, but Rahma wished to pursue acting in Karachi and came back in 2014. Sibtain still waited for her and both were “obviously still in love.”


Rahma and Sibtain then got engaged in 2016 but certain things perspired and they never got married; “we broke it off and weren’t in touch for two years.”

It was only when they met again after almost three years in March at a mutual friend’s wedding. Rahma said, “our old romance was rekindled, Sibtain said he still wanted to marry me.” Rahma declined his proposal but he was adamant – he proposed again and said to her “if you’re okay with it, let’s get married.”


Rahma and Sibtain finally decided to get married in March this year. Sibtain said that they were meant to be together.

“He spoke to his sisters and my family and they told us that they’d be really happy if we got married because we’re meant to be together. And we actually were meant to be together,” said Rahma.


That’s quite the love story!


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