ICC World Cup 2019 Jazba Is So Crazy That All Of Pakistan Has Turned Green In Spirit

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 Jun, 2019

Cricket fever is at an all time high, because you know, the ICC World Cup and all. 

You can’t even imagine a Pakistani without cricket, or cricket without Pakistan TBH. It’s all so entertaining and gripping. Not to mention the collective spirit of jazba and junoon and takes over the entire population. It feels like an entire festival, if you ask us, and the harmony that you see between people is absolutely unparalleled. It’s absolutely beautiful, all of it, to say the least!

Pakistani Cricket Fans

And honestly, we’re rooting for Pakistan to go ‘Dana Dan Green’ and ace its way to the top of this year’s World cup.

Turns out the catchy chant that was taken over by social media was to unveil Knorr’s new line of Green noodles, just in time for the World Cup. And they’re yummy, we tried it.



So, while you’re munching on during that break between the overs, or just munching on during the match itself – what’s a better way than to have something which celebrates with you?

Remember boys, Dana Dan Green season, we’re acing this, and we’re acing it in the absolute jazba!

Knorr Green Noodles, totally getting in with the Eat Green, Support Green vibe!

Not only does this beauty look great, it tastes pretty legit too!

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at Hania Amir enjoying her delicious bowl of joy!


Keep calm and keep slurrrrrping the delicious Knorr green noodles like Asim Azhar right here:


Can you name any other country who is so prepared with their gear like us Pakistanis are now?

I bet you can’t name any – and so even if things might look a little shaky with that first match not going so well, we have plenty more. Haar hou ya jeet, spirit na hou beat and we kind of all live by it. So why don’t you raise that big bowl of Knorr Noodles in the air and chant Dana Dan for the boys in green!


Here’s the ultimate World Cup slogans to help you get in the groove:

This post has been sponsored by Knorr Pakistan.


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