According To Science, You Should Sleep Before Sehri So I Tried It And Had The Best Sleep EVER

By Biya Haq | 25 May, 2019

If you stay awake till Sehri and doze off the rest of the day, this one’s for you.

Ramazan may be full of blessings and rituals and nothing says keeping Rozay like this song but waking up (or staying awake) for Sehri is one of the biggest challenges for many


No, but seriously, Ramazan is finally here and I don’t know about you guys, but I love it. I love fasting, I love pushing myself to be a better and more patient person and most of all, I LOVE the satisfaction of that first sip of water after Iftaari. Which brings me to my point in this article, the last sip of water before closing one’s Sehri, in Ramazan.

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Let’s be real, most of us all of have pretty much the same routine when it comes to keeping our Rozay. We stay up all night before Sehri, eat a huge amount and then spend another hour or two wide awake after the Azaan, and eventually pass out.

Sound familiar?

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Like most millennials, these seem to be the usual steps we all take when keeping our fast. Scrolling on Instagram, watching movies, debating if it’s Yanny or Laurel, (IT’S LAUREL.) We all know what to do.

But friends, this Ramazan, I had a bit of my own revelation, if you will. On the night of the first Roza, I felt pretty ill. Nazla, zukhaam, all that good stuff. So, at around 11:30 PM, I decided to take some medicine (non-drowsy) and toss myself into bed, with an alarm set for three hours later for Sehri. We all know this is a rookie mistake. Who goes to bed before Sehri?

^ Exactly. It’s basically the most lit part of the Roza.

But friends, when that alarm went off, I WAS BEYOND SHOCKED.

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^ Me.

I had slept like a baby and woke up so, SO peacefully. No grogginess, no sleepiness, no ANYTHING, it was the best sleep ever and I was WIDE AWAKE when my alarm went off for Sehri. What if we have been doing Sehri wrong all of these years!? What if we were meant to sleep before Sehri, wake up a good hour before and then go about our business?!

But anyway, I had my Sehri, went back to bed and again, to MY SURPRISE, woke up again at a normal time around 10 AM, completely well rested and with a BIG GRIN ON MY FACE.

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^ Again, me.

I know this all may seem a tad dramatic and silly and whatever, but we all know what a struggle it is to go to sleep before Sehri or honestly, sometimes even staying up before Sehri can be the absolute worst.

So just hear me out! This is not just a silly idea or a thought or early Ramazan luck. In fact, it’s actually science.


Allow me to explain, or, paraphrase what this article on explained,

Polyphasic sleep is the act of taking 20-minute naps alongside a much longer rest to sustain the right amount of energy to actually stay up and wide awake during the day or at whatever time you wish to be the most productive.

Apparently, bigwigs in a number of industries do it, even historical ones! Einstein, Da Vinci and a number of Silicon Valley executives have allegedly used this method as well.

The article went on to say, “There are many different polyphasic sleep schedules, according to the Polyphasic Society, but one of the most popular involves a longer “core” sleep anywhere from 90 minutes to six hours, supplemented by 20-minute naps. The length of the core sleep and the number of naps varies, but people on this schedule spend a total of three to seven hours asleep. Another schedule consists only of 20-minute naps spaced throughout the day, totaling two to three hours of shut-eye per day.”


SO, IN ESSENCE, sleeping in bits and pieces around Sehri and a long extended sleep after can actually, in theory, do wonders for one’s health.

Source: HBO

Now, doctors usually are against this method of sleeping, since it can really affect your health. On a regular basis, this is not something that should be applied. But since Ramazan already has it’s own unique cycle, a method such as polyphasic sleep may just work it’s magic!

But anywho, this may just be a theory, but it gave me a great night’s sleep. Great enough for me to share my experience with you all. Who knows if I’ll sleep before Sehri tonight or any other night but haye, what a good night it was.

So there ya have it, folks! Let us know what you think. Something you want to try? Something that seems silly? Fair enough but let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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