I Posted About Marrying My Best Friend And Became A Viral Meme

By Sajeer Shaikh | 1 Jul, 2019

I simply tweeted about marrying my best friend and woke up as a viral meme.

I’m a simple person. My dreams and ambitions aren’t monumental. I don’t ask for much from life. Ache grades aajayein, job se koi na nikaale, bas zindagi well-settled rahe – that’s all I really need. Oh, and once in my life, I should become a viral meme. While two out of four of those things were happening, the well-settled bit was a bit up in the air as far as Pakistani standards go – and over this past weekend, that kinda got sorted too. (And the meme thing, but we’ll get to that)

On 28th June, 2019, I tied the knot with the guy I’d been with for six-and-a-half years, who happened to be my best friend as well.

Look, the way I see it, the person you date/marry has to be your best friend. You need to click and understand each other and you should ideally be each other’s closest friends. I’m not saying this applies to everyone, but it is a bit of a personal belief. Anyway, keeping that in mind, we got married in a small family function at home. Super low-key, super cute.

Now, I was a happy bride. I love the guy and we’d been gunning for this since ages. We were both over the moon. I’m the kind of person who posts the same picture everywhere. because zyada achi tasweerein aati nahi hain. Keeping that in mind, I posted this one picture on all my socials. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – sab. Now, I posted the picture thinking ke haan, doston ko pata lag jaega, dou teen retweets aur well wishes aajayeingi Twitter pe. 

Alas, I was wrong.

Source: Adam Joseph/Jasmine Masters Via YouTube

I posted this tweet after I got done with the festivities, thinking I’d let my VERY small Twitter fam know that I’m hitched.

I went to sleep, not giving the tweet a second thought. When I woke up the next morning, the tweet had blown up. 

Source: dribbble.com

As I write this, it has 4883 likes and 313 retweets, which isn’t the most viral thing on the Internet, but for an account with previously around 1400 followers, it’s a lot. Oh, I also went up to 2110 followers, which is cool. Thanks, guys.

As far as the tweet is concerned, I guess people started taking digs at the “best friend” bit. You know – the lone survivor of the friendzone and all? Those kinda jokes.

Things started off with congratulatory wishes, which were super sweet. Love you guys.


Some people were concerned about our ages…

Guys…we’re both turning 24. Chill.

People made child marriage jokes…which, I mean, come on – child marriage isn’t funny.

Some insecurities surfaced.

Someone made a “the guy she told you not to worry about” joke…which, I mean, doesn’t apply here.

I appreciate the humor, though.

Then… the friendzone jokes started pouring in.

Best friend wali baat logon ke dil par lag gayi




Sorry yaar

I don’t know…hosla rakho

The best-friend-turned-spouse search began

Some people wanted answers.

Others seemed to find answers within the tweet.

Some people had complaints.



Some people believed my husband is still friendzoned.

(He’s still my best friend, that doesn’t change).

I thought my mentions blowing up was it, but soon, my friends started sharing stuff they were coming across. Like this…

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by 10 Kg (Official) 😂 (@tenn_kg) on

…and this.

Achievement Unlock 😎

Gepostet von Rashid Khan am Samstag, 29. Juni 2019

Some people DM-ed me other stuff they’d seen. Even my husband (wow, still not used to it) started sending me tweets that were making the rounds – and he’s not even on Twitter. Anyhoo, it was a pretty cool feeling. I’ve literally always wanted to be a meme, I’ve made that pretty clear in the past, too. This was it. The perfect wedding gift – becoming a meme.


As I ride on this small wave of success, now aiming to be an even more viral meme, let me know what you think of this hilarious fiasco. I will highlight that I think the friendzone doesn’t exist and that’s kinda bs (a bigger piece for another day, perhaps) but for now, share your thoughts with me regarding this.


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Cover image via Sajeer Shaikh / Twitter

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