39 Of The Funniest Viral Angry Uncle Memes That Will Make You LOL

By Rimsha | 15 Jun, 2019

Viral angry uncle memes are everywhere.

Pakistan vs Australia was EXTREMELY disappointing for us all but there was one uncle at the stadium representing our collective feelings

And Pakistani twitter went CRAZY with the memes. We found a thread by Raza Samo where he asked people to share their take on the meme, and wow, people did not disappoint.

Without further ado, here are 39 of the funniest ones:

1. There were quite a few air conditioning ones 

Source: @GoStudyAhsan/ Twitter

2. Desi dads and their obsession with keeping the A/C switched off,

3. This has definitely happened to us all, at least once!

4. How many of us have stumbled upon posts like these?

Source: @alienyouarelove/ Twitter

5. A few dentists were shaded too

6. And a few doctors

7. Some even managed to meme the weather!

8. Desi moms and their abilities to link everything to mobile phones

9. Struggles of having strict parents

10. For our med-students

11. This one brought back biology class flashbacks

Source: @hafsayy_/ Twitter

12. Enzyme jokes are always funny

13. Poor lab attendants, always having to deal with students like us

14. We’ve all heard this once, too

15. How many of us relate to this?

16. Glad to know I’m not the only one who STILL confuses them

17. The worst thing EVER for PUBG enthusiasts,

18. This one’s for the new budget,

Source: @alweenarasool/ Twitter

19. Remember the time we loved this phrase?

20. Especially in Ramazan,

21. Same energy as the previous one,

22. Whose mom?

23. UGH! The worst feeling EVER!

24. Biggest childhood struggle!

25. We’ve all been here,

26. Were you a fan of Dora? This one is for you, 

27. Still hate karele,

28. So many memories, 

29. We all still do this, don’t lie! 

30. This one hurts a bit differently,

31. How many of us are going to be like this, this result day?

32. And like this? 

33. We’ve all done this, this exam season, 

34. Always jealous of toppers,

35. How many of us have been betrayed like this? 

Source: @zzehrakazmii/ Twitter

36. I guess iPhone users… win this one?

37. Bargaining is our national talent

38. This one is for all our engineers,

39. Lastly, uncle has also made an appearance in an ad,

Source: www.servistyres.com


So what do you think of the angry uncle meme? Let us know in the comments!


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