I Asked My Instagram Followers To Meme Me And Wow, They Did NOT Disappoint

By Sajeer Shaikh | 1 Jun, 2019

Hello, friends. For the vast majority that doesn’t know me (shoutout to my 2.8k followers on Instagram who pretend they do), I’m Sajeer and I work at MangoBaaz. When I’m not writing or trying to figure out how to make myself useful in the company, I invest a ridiculous amount of time in memes. My biggest dream? To become a viral meme. (Yeah, I’m aware I should probably aim higher, but that’s my ultimate definition of having made it). Also, I feel like I’m a pretty meme-able person, TBH.

For instance, idk y’all, but I think I peaked with this MangoBaaz video.

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It me (ok sorry) (Via @mangobaaz) #MangoBaaz

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(You can watch the whole thing here).

Also, tell me this face isn’t relatable AF. Go on.

Okay, enough with the self-promotion and fishing for compliments. Let’s talk memes. So, I was chilling one day with a friend, and he happened to take the following pictures (which I proceeded to make a meme-able collage out of, because efficiency bhi koi cheez hoti hai).

Source: Uzair Nadeem

While this was TOTALLY unintentional, it reminded me a bit of another meme, so I posted that on my Instagram story. 

Source: Meme Generator Via Instagram/@sajeershaikh

I then asked my followers to meme me, through that question sticker thingy on Instagram.

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh

And hoo boy, they did not disappoint. I got a bunch of responses from my followers and I’m posting some pretty cool ones here.

Someone sent in this baby, which is 100% accurate.

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


Then someone sent this in, which hit a nerve.

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh

Bohot hee zehreeley log hote hain jo yeh sawaal poochte hain. 


Then there’s the classic getting-caught-while-trying-to-cheat scenario.

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh

Teachers have eyes like a hawk when it comes to you, bhaley baaki zamana jitni cheating karle. 


I’m sure the next submission has a lot in common with something I’ve seen somewhere before. 

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


Okay, I did a quick search and yep, I was right:

Via Giphy


The next one – man, the number of times I’ve done this. There really isn’t a subtle way of getting someone to check their phone, is there?

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh

That dead, vacant stare till they make eye contact or FINALLY check their phone. Ugh.


And the next one, I think it applies because, in my family, I have little do with cheeni or bijli ka bill. So chances are, I would respond like this. 

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh

I’m not nalaiq, I’m just not a full-time breadwinner yet. Jeez.



Moving on – oof – raise your hand if you’ve ever felt attacked by this.

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh

Matlab chauda ghantey “typing” likha aata hai aur aagey se jawaab ek “k” aata hai. Hadh hai.


This one is, well all of us. Throwback to the first time I watched Titanic with my parents. 

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


Even MangoBaaz’s own Biya Haq stepped in and helped out with the meme game.

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


Thanks, friend. Just going to drop a picture of hers here because I know y’all love her.

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What a queen.


Anyhoo, moving on, things got too real when people memed our ammis and their plight. 

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh

Don’t do this badtameezi in real life, though. Help out your moms.


Interestingly enough, this next one was sent in by a dude. Guys out here exposing other guys. Tea.  

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


And this one – well I sent it to my sister because she has a tendency to do this a lot. 

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


Oh and I can 110% relate to this. I know I’m a huge pain. (Sorry, mommy).

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


I also got a fart joke somewhere in the mix…

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


…and I’d be lying if I said it was the only one. 

Source: Instagram/@sajeershaikh


Real talk, guys – what is it about me that makes y’all think about farts? Is it my face? My expression? I need to know. Help me out here.


Anyway, that’s about it. Thanks for a great laugh, friends. If you’re into memes, go ahead and make memes in the comments below. And if you’re going to be mean about it and troll me, please at least make it funny taake I don’t feel half as bad. I’m also thinking about doing this more often, so let ya girl know if that’s something you’d want to see. Thanks for your time.




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