I Asked My MangoBaaz Co-Workers For Their Favorite Memories With Their Best Friends To Celebrate #DostiMubarak

By MangoBaaz Studio | 30 Jul, 2019

Today is International Friendship Day! It is a day to celebrate friendship and all the people who make our lives better. Our friends have our back and are our constant support, so one day to celebrate them in a year is pretty justified.

#RoohAfzaGO is also helping us all celebrate Friendship Day with their campaign called #DostiMubarak. 

Source: @roohafzapk / Instagram


They asked people to send their favorite memories with their best friends and people all over Pakistan, in fact, all over the world, responded to their call and flooded their inbox with their precious memories. The best responses will get a unique gift from Rooh Afza that will go to their friend, wherever they are.

Their hashtag #DostiMubarak encourages us all to think of our sachay dost and all the best memories we’ve had with them. 

We at MangoBaaz thought we should also take part, just to send some love and appreciation towards our best friends. Here’s what some people in the MangoBaaz Team had to share.

Iman Zia 

“In between classes at school, my friends and I would band together and go knock on our teachers’ office doors. The moment we’d do that, we’d make a run for it, and hide to see whether or not they opened their doors.”

Source: @imzyzia/ Instagram


Arslan Athar

“At my university, every year the senior batch would have a Daaku Day which was basically one big water fight on campus. My friend and I sat outside our hostel, having chai, avoiding all the madness, but watching it all unravel.”

Source: @arslanarsuarsi / Instagram


Muhammad Shah 

My friend Eminem* and I play a rhyming game. We see an object and start rapping about it. This goes on for a while, till we stop making sense altogether.”

*The friend’s name has obviously been changed
Source: @iamtheshah / Instagram

Ahmed Nizami

“My favorite memory is from the 8th Grade when my best friend, Usman Dilshad, was allowed to drive his car. It was an old Daihatsu Charade, which was no less than a Ferrari for us. We loved the feeling of freedom, being able to drive wherever we wanted to go.”


 Sajeer Shaikh 

“My best memory has to be sitting on the roof at 5 AM with our cups of chai, and watching the sunrise. It is actually my most calmful and peaceful memory.”

Source: @sajeershaikh / Instagram


Rameeza Ahmed

“During University, my friends and I would have impromptu picnics in the garden behind the library. We’d lie to everyone else and say we have classes. The three of us would hang out together with a nice little picnic in the middle of the day.”

Source: @rameezay / Instagram


Our friends mean a lot to us and add a lot to our lives. This day is just one of the many opportunities you have to say ‘Thank You’ and to celebrate them.

The #RoohAfzaGO campaign, #DostiMubarak aimed to help people think of their besties and take out a moment to think of your favorite moments with them. In the spirit of #DostiMubarak, take out a moment today and think of the best time you’ve had with your friends, where you’ve felt the happiest around them.

Leave a comment under this post, telling us your best and happiest memories with your best friends.

Happy Friendship Day Y’all!

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