Here's How These Popular Pakistani Dramas Should Have Really Ended

By Sarah Babar | 15 Feb, 2018

Have you ever thought to yourself how different Pakistani dramas would be if they ended differently? You know how channels have the habit of ending dramas, that they’ve dragged on for months, super abruptly? And you keep wishing there was just something more? Or maybe your favorite tangent in the drama was never really shown at the end? Or you never got closure for your favorite characters?

So here are alternative endings for your favorite shows, just to see what happened if, in a parallel universe, dramas ended differently.



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Khirad should have texted Asher everything she’d written in the letter. I mean, they texted each other quite often, no? Besides, Asher should’ve manned up before. We wouldn’t have had that 5 year lapse in the middle. Khirad and Asher should have had their confrontation much earlier as to avoid all the Aunty Farida drama.


 “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”

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Kashaf shouldn’t have come back home. She should have stayed back and taught Zarun a lesson for being an idiot and letting her go, in the first place. Only then would he have realized her worth properly. It’s just annoying that a woman portrayed as the epitome of feminism and strength broke down and went running back to Zarun, after she had a dream of him sending her divorce papers. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make much sense to me.


“Mann Mayal”

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Oh GOD “Mann Mayal” and its storyline spiraled into being possibly one of the most annoying shows ever! Whether it was Salahuddin refusing to marry Mannu in the beginning because he wasn’t ‘good enough for her’ or just towards the end where Mannu kept telling Salahuddin ke aap mujhe bilkul achey nahi lugte/mujhe aap se nafrat hai/aap mar kiun nahi jaate all while she was CLEARLY in love with him. She chose being married to the abusive Mikael and be bullied at the hands of everyone’s favorite antagonist  Jeena. The ending for the show would have been much simpler


Yakeen Ka Safar”

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Okay yes, it had one of the most perfect endings we’ve seen in modern television. But could there not have been more about the actual Yakeen Ka Safar that Asfandyar and Zubia embarked upon? A little more about what really happened when they actually were together and they’d proclaimed their love for one another? The 3-minute montage, at the end was just so short!



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“Dastaan” possibly had one of the most disturbing endings we’ve seen in recent cinema. One thing’s for sure, though. Hassan should not have gone to meet Bano WITH HIS WIFE. That’s just insensitive. And horrible. And that’s one ending I absolutely can’t get over.


“Yeh Raha Dil” 

Hayat was possibly one of the most annoying characters in television.

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‘OH MY GOD TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM’ was the only thing going through my head, during the last 5 episodes. Hayat was SO annoying when it came to her denying her love for Zaki. And Zaki who kept leading Nida on with his other shaadi. And then the third angle. Please keep things less complicated, next time. Also holy, Hayat needs to calm down with the good Samaritan duties that she had taken upon herself for no real reason, honestly. Turning a blind eye towards these 30034256 people who had done you wrong, and then trying to portray yourself as the biggest angel in the world. That’s just bizarre.



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There was no reason for Salar to die. His mother could have learnt her lesson in ten other ways. His death was an unnecessary addition to Sammi’s dukh in life. It just seemed like Sammi was the one person who could never have anything good happen to her. Every time anyone met Sammi, they gave her more bad news. And that became a bit much, towards the end. Also, the way Sammi was just expected to forgive all those who had wronged her, in her life, was unfair, and set horrible examples.


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