Here's Why Coke Studio's “Saiyaan” Has Been Taken Down, Shortly After Being Released

By Maryam Malik | 27 Oct, 2019

After so many teasers and updates, the first episode of the highly awaited season 12 of Coke Studio finally got launched recently with Rohail Hyatt returning to the studio after five whole years. It had an amazing start with Atif Aslam’s beautiful rendition of Wohi Khuda Hai winning the hearts of many. However, things are looking to be a little shaky already.

The second song of the second episode, Saiyaan, has been taken down from everywhere.


Saiyaan is a duet between Rachel Viccaji and Shuja Haider. It is a Punjabi folklore song about love and lovers waiting on each other.

But it’s not up on YouTube anymore.

Via: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next / Facebook

Or Dailymotion



Or even Facebook


It’s not even available on Coke Studio’s own website.


Apparently Coke Studio did not have a license for reproducing an old song originally sung by Madam Noor Jehan. Maahi Diyaan Jhokaan was another song that went through the same trouble a while back.

Yesterday, they did go live on Instagram and say they’re encountering some issue but that’s all they said. And since “facing copyright issues” is the only information being given out, everyone thinks it’s a remix without permission.

However, Shuja Haider has now made an official post about it, making the situation a bit clearer.

Via: Shuja Haider /

But another channel posted the full video on Youtube regardless.

A random channel with just 112 subscribers posted the song and it has 3.5k views already. You can never beat the internet, can you?

What do you think about this entire fiasco? Let us know in the comments.



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Cover image via YouTube/Coke Studio

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