Fans Are Not Happy That ‘Khaas' Had The Weirdest Ending Episode

By Anoosha Rehan | 25 Oct, 2019

Khaas ki ending se bohat log afsurda

Drama Serial ‘Khaas’, with its apparently very khaas script instantly became everyone’s favorite show to watch. The drama highlighted a very important issue in our society, which is never acknowledged, let alone spoken about i.e. domestic physical and emotional abuse. The depiction of  Ammar’s narcissist personality combined with his excessive desire to emotionally abuse his wife, hit home; and people couldn’t help but praise how the script was executed wonderfully. However, last episode of Khaas aired this week and people were absolutely pissed at the ending.


After years of abusive marriage and being demeaned, Saba finally found someone who loved her for who she was and made her feel special

Throughout the first half of the show, we witnessed how Saba was subjected to all sorts of mental and emotional abuses, with comments made on her appearance and capabilities. The drama took a turn when Saba took divorce from Ammar and fans were happy of the good riddance. Fakhir, the absolutely charming man who was hopelessly in love with Saba, finally got to make his move and get married to Saba, after a lot of drama.

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However, apparently the writers thought that Khaas ki ending would be fun where they get Fakhir killed

And so they did the deed – turn the script into crap by ruining the last episode. It is beyond everyone’s comprehension to accept Fakhir’s death just when everything was finally getting right. The whole story, as the drama title suggests, revolved around how some people cannot see how Khaas or special you’re; and just because someone doesn’t see it, it in no way means that you’re just an ordinary person. In the very brief time that Saba and Fakhir got to spent together, Fakhir taught Saba how to feel Khaas and perhaps, the writers took it to an unnecessary step further and showed Saba’s character strong enough that she accepted herself.

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Goes without saying, fans were pissed. Nobody was hyped about the drama just to watch it end like THIS


Fans also highlighted how, like Khaas ki ending, no Pakistani drama ever lets a good man live 

Shayaan from Cheekh was particularly remembered at this very sad, similar incident.


People recalled all the times Pakistani drama serials have screwed up the endings

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Overall, fans are in agreement that Khaas ending episode has ruined the whole drama’s legacy for them

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Source: HUM TV / YouTube


People were so angry that Haroon Shahid aka Fakhir had tell people he was not really involved with deciding how his character ended in the show

This isn’t the first time that Pakistani drama ended with a terrible ending. At this point it seems like writers are trying to prove one of the either points: a) No good men exist b) All good men die early. The death of Shayaan in Cheekh met with the same response. Fans were also extremely unhappy with the endings of Ishq TamashaKhaani, Bhool and various other serials which started off really great, but screwed up at the end. Maybe writers need to spend more time not just setting the scenes and the story but also making sure that a drama ends on as much of an impactful note as it starts.

Although Khaas couldn’t satisfy fans with its ending, yet some bits and details of the drama are commendable. The way Ammar stays the same self-centered person even at the end and doesn’t get overshadowed by the actor himself, especially when he has lost everything, was a pretty good portrayal of a narcissist person.

Also, I was a fan of the dialogues throughout the drama but the last words of Saba were too beautiful not to mention, “Vou meray liye itnaa khaas thaa kay duniya aam hougyi.”


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