This Girl Shared Her Parents' Adorable Love Story And It's The Purest Thing You'll See Today

By Anoosha Rehan | 26 Oct, 2019

While many people claim to love and find their significant others, only a few of them are lucky enough to actually spend their lives with them. This love story that a girl shared on Twitter is one that will make you believe in true love, and its eternal existence.

A Twitter user shared how her father made an album for her mother, back in college, so that she could show him off to her friends

After MangoBaaz reached out to her, she talked about how her parents fell in love in school and got married ten years later.

Her father was her mother’s senior at school, where they fell in love with each other. Her mother was only 15 at that time. Once her father left school, their mode of communication became her father’s younger siblings. And letters.

Source: @joohyuk9870 / Twitter

A lot of letters.

Source: @joohyuk9870 / Twitter

After her mother went to college, she wanted to show off the love of her life to her friends and requested that he send a photo

Source: @joohyuk9870 / Twitter

The girl’s father was a photographer on the sports board and when he was asked to send a photo of him, he made a whole album for her. Her father was one of the most handsome guys of his time, and his love for photography helped in modeling for the album.

Source: @joohyuk9870 / Twitter

Her mother wasn’t allowed to get married before she completed her Master’s degree, but nothing could come between their love.

Her mother was a Kashmiri and her father belonged to a Pathan family. However, both of them convinced their families, and got engaged while her mother was doing her Master’s.

Source: @joohyuk9870 / Twitter

After ten years of being in love, the high school sweethearts finally got married

The Twitter user also mentioned how her father always supported her mother and made sure she accomplished all her goals. When she expressed her wish to do her second Masters in the UK, her father took a leave for a year from work and made the family move to England. He was always the driving force behind his wife’s career and supported her, no matter what.

Source: @joohyuk9870 / Twitter

However, after 20 years of a beautiful marriage, her mother lost her husband in a car accident on their 20th anniversary

The unfortunate event on April 8th, 2016, shattered everything into pieces. Her father was 50, doing well and happy, until his car crashed in an accident and he passed away, on the spot.

“It’s been incredibly hard because he was just 50 – perfectly healthy – and then all of a sudden after the accident he passed away on the spot,” explains the daughter. “And, as you can tell, my parents were super in love so for her to adjust to this new version of life was and is super difficult but she believes their love is eternal and special.”

“Now, she tries to keep him alive and with us as much as we can by talking about him, his stories, his life. She has her own little Instagram blog where she processes her grief and uses it as a method of therapy in a way where she just talks about him and how much she loves him.”

Source: @joohyuk9870 / Twitter

It’s rightly said that true love lasts forever. Love knows no barriers; it’s infinite and eternal. The heartwarming story right here is an epitome of what pure love is and how it stays, even if the person doesn’t. Not everyone is lucky to find love; but if you do, remember to keep it forever.

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