We Found Out Who's Going To Be In Coke Studio 12 And It's LIT

By Janita Tahir | 19 Sep, 2019

The Coke Studio 12 lineup is getting us excited

Ladies and gentlemen, Rohail Hyatt, hailed as the trailblazer in Pakistani music industry and the pioneer of Coke Studio is back. From its inception, Coke Studio, has won many hearts. Pakistanis have long since treasured it as the one true performance platform that represented the country’s musical talent.


Coke Studio had the knack to brilliantly combine new emerging talents with old legends and give birth to musical gems that broke new territory

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However, gradually some people found the quality waning (especially after Rohail Hyatt’s departure) and soon people found themselves longing for the flavor, the show held in its previous seasons. This is precisely why, with the return of the music maestro, people are tuning back in and this season is the most hyped up ever in Coke Studio’s history.


This year’s lineup of Coke Studio 12 singers is really exciting

The year’s line-up has a beautiful mix of under-rated folk singers, rising talents and some fan favorites. Following are the artists who will bless our ears and our souls in 2019:


Sanam Marvi

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Sanam Marvi who entranced us with her mystical Sufi ballad Manzil-e-Sufi in season 3 is back to blow away our minds. Her splendid vocals are famous for giving the listeners an out of body experience as she takes away all sorrows until only her music remains.


Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad

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The pride Of Pakistan winners are here to light up the stage. They have previously brought their own flair of mysticism to wildly popular Sufi kalaams like Piya Ghar Aaya and now the acclaimed qawwals are here to stun with more of their beautiful renditions.


Umair Jaswal

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Umair Jaswal, the Pakistani heart-throb and lead vocalist of the band Qayas is all set up to rock our world this season. His song ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ catapulted into mainstream popularity and was a radio favorite. We can’t wait to see what more he brings to the table.


Atif Aslam

Source: dawn.com

And of course, Atif Aslam, is already a household name in Pakistan. Just a mere mention of his enough to bring up the anticipation. His electric performance and stage charisma is sure to make everyone listen in and we are so here for it.


Hadiqa Kayani

Source: superstarsbio.com

Do we even have to say anything? Hadiqa is a vocal powerhouse with an out of this world range and all one has to do is be in her vicinity to get under the spell of her voice. Her song Kamli marked one of Coke Studio’s most famous moments and now we want new ones to remember it by.


Shamali Afghan

Source: Ehsan Sadaqat / YouTube

The inclusion of the Pakhtun Prince, Shamali Afghan definitely highlights Coke Studio’s diverse talent. His songs are catchy in a way that you can’t forget the melody even when you want to.


Aima Baig

Source: thenews.com.pk

Who can forget Aima Baig’s iconic collaboration with Nabeel Shaukat that produced the magnificent hit Aey Zindagi? Her beautiful voice manages to bring out even the deepest emotions from one’s heart! We are very excited to see her on stage.


Ali Sethi

Ranjish Hi Sahi is one of Coke Studio’s biggest gems. It was the one song that you couldn’t stop listening to and it played in your mind long after you turned it down. The credit goes to none other than the soulful Ali Sethi. Is there any doubt, that he will give us more of these gems this year? Not one bit.


Quratulain Balouch

Coke Studio features QB
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Quratulain Balouch has long since been a fan favorite and she has been the star of many iconic Coke Studio performances and collaborations. Listening to her harmonies and power voice literally gives you the chills. Pakistanis are truly happy to have her back this year.



Coke Studio features Abrar- Ul-Haq
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For Pakistanis, there ain’t no party if an Abrar-ul-Haq song isn’t in play. Many memories and feelings are associated with Abrar’s music and his presence on Coke Studio feels like coming full circle.

Other artists in the line-up include Har Sakhiyan, Shahab Hussain, Barkat Faqeer and Company, Chakar Baloch, Rachel and Zoe Viccaji, Nimra Rafique, Omran Shafique, Taj Muhammad Buledi and Sadiq Sameer.

Are you excited for ‘Coke Studio 12’? Cause we surely are.


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