15 Of The Most Delicious Things You Can Eat In Lahore In 400 Rupees Or Less

By Kashaf | 17 Nov, 2017

If you’re a Lahori you’re also famously a food lover, without a doubt


Whether or not our friends in Karachi agree, Lahore is the food capital of Pakistan

Via: deenga.com

There’s definitely a huge variety of good food to eat in Lahore with a huge variety of people to eat all that good food.

If you’re a foodie and in Lahore this weekend you need to pay attention

Ā WARNING: Keep a tissue in hand because you’re going to drool all over your screenĀ 

Are you a foodie? Do you spend most of your time thinking about food? If so, you’re in luck because The Coke Food Fest is happening in Lahore this weekend: November 17 – November 19.

Not only is the festival going to be filled with stalls of your favorite restaurants and vendors…but the best part is everything is going to be under Rs 400.

source: Foodies r us / Facebook

Desi, continental, Italian, Turkish…the Coke Food Fest promises to offer a variety of flavors that will leave your tastebuds wanting more – all at super affordable prices.

To find a list of all the amazing restaurants that are serving you at the Coca-cola Festival, check outĀ Hungerist.


1. Awesamosas

source: Awesamosas

Nutella, Reese’s, apple pie, pizza….all in a crispy fried samosa shell.


2. King Kashmiri Tea

source: homemaker-diary.blogspot.co.uk

Who doesn’t love a steaming cup of Kashmiri Chai in the chilly weather.


3. Howdy

source: pakistani.pk

Will you be able to resist Howdy’s.


4. Waris Nihari

source: kfoods.com

Nihari, fish fry, and maghaz nalli your desiĀ khana dreams will all come true this weekend.


5. Wingitt

source: magazine.foodpanda.pk

The famous Karachi wing stop is coming to Lahore will all of their amazing sauces.


6. Eat Smart

source: pictame.com

If you’re on a diet…you’re covered at The Coke Food Fest. Try one of Eat Smart’s healthy and nutritious meals without feeling guilty afterwards.


7. Wasabi

source: maduber.pk

You don’t want to miss out on sushi that’s under Rs 400.


8. Nisa Sultan – Turkish CuisineĀ 

source: Nisa Sultan / Facebook

Hummus, Turkish mezze, and shish kebobs.


9. Bamboo Union

source: Bamboo Union/ Facebook

A spicy pad thai will definitely cure your winter blues.


10. The White Biryani

source: The White Biryani / Facebook

The famous White Biryani is coming to Lahore this weekend so you can finally see what the hype is really about.


11. Churro Churro

source: Churro Churro / Facebook

Churros dipped in chocolate….need I say more.


12. Dragon Bowl

source: The Dragon Bowl / Facebook

Enjoy a hot soup with a fiery Dragon bowl if you’re a spice enthusiast.


13. Gustoso The Donut Shop

source: Gustoso / Facebook

Kit Kat donuts, oreo donuts, apple donuts…every donut lover’s dream come true.


14. Jade Cafe

source: @omairtajammul / Instagram

You can’t ever go wrong with the ultimate comfort food – Jade’s Nutella French toast.


15. Hunter’s Cottage

source: Hunter’s Cottage / Facebook

For all you meat lovers out there, Hunter’s Cottage will be doing a live BBQ.


So put on the loosest pair on pants you own and head on over to the Coke Food Fest this weekend.

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