Hamid Mir Is Asking Lana Del Rey To Promote Peace In The Middle East And, Yes, You Read That Correctly

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Sep, 2018

You probably already know who Hamid Mir is.

He one of the most popular journalists in the country and one of the most widely recognized face because of his popular television shows.

Source: tribune.com.pk


And you might even know Lana Del Rey.

She is a very popular American singer who is known for her old school vibe.

Source: quora


And you might be wondering if you have entered into a parallel universe because how are these two names being mentioned in the same post let alone the same sentence.

Well, recently Lana Del Rey has been embroiled in a controversy recently when she announced that she would be performing in Israel. There was a lot of public backlash on this decision because people accused her of supporting a state which was illegally occupying land and committing human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

Lana initially clarified that this was not her intent but she merely wanted to soothe people in the region with her music.

However, this did not appease people.

And in the end, Lana released a statement that she would not be performing at the music festival in Israel because she believes in treating all fans equally and since she cannot perform in Palestine, she will be rescheduling her appearance in Israel to a time when she is able to perform in both countries.


And this bold move garnered a lot of appreciation from people towards Lana, and one of the people who appreciated her was our very own Hamid Mir.


Who knew Hamid Mir was a Lana Del Rey fan!

And of course, some people are confused by this tweet.


And a few other people had different priorities.

But all in all, this was a little weird. Cannot believe Hamid Mir is a Lana Del Rey stan. Wow. Imagine him singing along to Summertime Sadness, now that’s an image you won’t be able to get out of your head.


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