This Groom Gave A Handwritten Quran To His Bride As Mehr And People Have Really Mixed Feelings About It

By Sannia Bilal | 9 Feb, 2019

Recently, social media was abuzz with the news of a groom presenting a handwritten Quran as Mehr for their wedding. A lot of people were blown away by this gesture, and it seemed like the bride seemed to appreciate it a lot as well.

Apparently, when you truly love someone, it’s okay to be this dedicated. On a personal level, if I received this as my Mehr, I’d be pretty blown away too. It’s a pure, thoughtful, wholesome gesture.

However, as the news spread, people had varying reactions. Now, the Mehr is extremely important, to begin with. Therefore, the nature of this particular Mehr started a debate online among people who shared different perspectives on the matter.

Some people highlighted how Mehr can be pretty much anything.

The argument that was made was that the Mehr can be any valuable object. This, of course, leaves room for a debate over what can be valuable for an individual at any point in time, and if value is being measured in terms of physical use or morality.

Some people said the gesture was simply beautiful…

…and lovely.

If you really think about the effort that goes into doing this, along with the intention, it is quite a remarkable gesture and perhaps does deserve a hearty amount of praise.


The guy was even praised for setting the bar high for other men.

In fact, it was stated that perhaps this should be common practice, for maybe, writing out the Quran by one’s own hand could serve to be an altering experience for many men.

However, a counter-argument arose as well. Not everyone was convinced about this passing as Mehr in a traditional sense.

Questions were posed about how relevant the ‘memorizing a Surah‘ reference is.

People wondered whether the parameters of Mehr included gifts such as these, especially since there was some ambiguity over whether or not the gift should be of economic value.

This guy compared the gesture to handing a valuable to someone who is starving.

It was believed that the gesture, though lovely, could not possibly pass off as Mehr, again, due to its lack of economic value.

Suggestions poured in about how the groom should’ve presented the handwritten Quran along with the Mehr, since it’s more beneficial for himself in the long run.

Some said that the girl would need some sort of financial security and this doesn’t help.


But this guy said that may be she was given the mandatory amount along and perhaps the entire story had not been revealed.

There were some people who had arguments that were kind of offensive, as they took to questioning the groom’s character, and stating that perhaps, he’d taken the “easy way out.”

Whichever way you look at it, there’s really one tweet that truly made sense, and it was this one:

Jab miyan biwi hein razi tou kya karay ga Qazi?

Anyway, let us know what you think about this in the comments.


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