People Are Trolling Governor Sindh Imran Ismail For His English By Digging Out A Month Old Tweet

By Sannia Bilal | 15 Nov, 2018

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail is being trolled for his English


So, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail is being trolled for one of his old tweets from October where he misspelled a few words

In his tweet, the poor guy was just trying to discuss the occurrence of his meeting with a “Delegation” from “Convent” of Jesus and Mary and that he will offer his full “Cooperation” for the school without any “Hindrance” but misspelled the words and used “Covenant”, “Deligation”, “Hinderance” and “Corporation” instead.



Source: BBC Two

The issue at hand, though, was a serious one but why would people just let that one go so easily?


So the Twitter folks took charge and tried to correct the Governor’s spellings.



People couldn’t help bringing out their sarcastic streak.



And of course naya Pakistan has to be trolled every time something goes wrong


It was mentioned that the Governor is also the Chancellor of Universities of Sindh so his spelling mistakes don’t look good on him


 This guy pitched in a million dollar idea. 

Genius ho bhai aap tou!


And then suggestions were poured in to use his mother tongue for tweets next time.


It was even pointed out that the Governor was, in fact, a puppet


And his academics and qualifications were questioned by QUITE a few people


There are some who’re questioning all the trolling being a little too much

He is, in fact, a Governor and his performance as a Governor should be critiqued. Further more, he said that making fun of someone’s English or appearance doesn’t make anyone superior in any way.


Khair, jo bhee. We hope the government works in favor of the school and succeeds in solving the problem of the school.

Ever since PTI has taken office, people seem to be extra vigilant while assessing any kind of actions or activities taken into consideration by the government. Having their first shot to run the country could be one of the reasons why they’re being monitored at such a level or could be that they also trolled others a lot so it’s their turn now? But… oh well.

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