Ahsan Iqbal Tried To Troll Imran Khan Over His University Grades And Pakistanis Dragged Him Instead

By Iman Zia | 31 Dec, 2017

What’s Pakistani politics if you don’t have the odd few politicians jumping down each other’s throats? There’s almost always some form of a political debate spurring on social media, and it’s almost always entertaining when you get various opposing camps ready to gnaw one another, stripped to the bone. In this case, particularly, it’s Imran Khan’s former education.


A twitter user @Khalid_Munir posted an alleged University of Oxford degree certificate of Imran Khan

It states that the politician passed with Third class honors, which is the lowest British honors classification in U.K. universities, ranking last after First-class honor, Upper second-class honors and lower second-class honors classifications.

Ahsan Iqbal swiftly took to the tweet and gave a subtle dig to Imran Khan

Ahsan Iqbal tagged renowned journalist Omar Quraishi as he questioned whether or not someone with third-class honors is eligible for a job in the U.K.


Twitter users immediately started trolling Ahsan Iqbal, questioning his own qualification status


With others disappointed at Ahsan Iqbal’s unfortunate dig


Pakistanis stated how a third class degree fares better than corruption


And defended the stature of getting the degree from the prestigious Oxford University



Acclaimed journalists also chipped in to defend the critique against Imran’s qualification


Many thought to back up their facts with evidence, screenshotting good ol’ Google



A few stated that Imran Khan was a sportsman, with education being a close secondary


And that the cricketer-turned-politician was actually accepted into Oxford University based on his exceptional skills in sport


After all, it was cricket that drove his passion


Others playfully suggested how this degree was at least ‘genuine,’ as compared to our societal qualifications that are often bought



What are your thoughts on Imran’s qualifications? Do you agree with Ahsan Iqbal’s comment?


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