Pakistanis Are Sharing Hilarious Excuses After Someone Asked Why They Can’t Workout Like Prime Minister Imran Khan

By Biya Haq | 15 Nov, 2018

Immy Khan is starting quite the discussion.

It’s no secret that Prime Minister Imran Khan is quite handsome, and has always been so.

Source: Pinterest

From his younger captain days to his older ones, Imran is definitely one of the most handsome politicians we have ever had.

Source: Fox

Recently, an image of Imran working out made it to social media and people are pretty excited about it.

Imran has always been super in shape. He is an athlete, after all, people who play a sport for a living know the importance of physical health and at Imran’s age, clearly – it has paid off.

But lmao, instead of people being inspired to work out, it’s pretty much doing the opposite.

People are using it as an excuse to give their own reasons why they DON’T workout. Very relatable, very true, very us.

^ Not sure that’s the best excuse.

Lmao, AMEN.

^ Would like to invest in this idea.

Have you seen the image? Do you have a lowkey/high key crush on Imran? Same. Let us know what you think of the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: @siasatpk/TheExpress Tribune 

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