13 Foolproof Tips On How To Survive A Crazy Sale In Pakistan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 16 Sep, 2017

Anyone who lives in Pakistan knows that sales can get pretty crazy. And when we say crazy, we mean


Source: Emporium/Facebook


Source: Emporium Mall/Facebook

Of course there’s no shame in wanting a good deal, I mean – we all get pretty crazy when it comes to a good bargain. But in some cases, we get hurt too (tear falls dramatically). I mean hair pulling, pushing, shoving and well, just a whole lot of emotional trauma. Here’s are some handy tips on how to survive a sale in Pakistan:


1. Wear protective gear, helmets, gloves, a stick – the works

Source: MangoBaaz

You can never be too cautious and never being too cautious means protection. Bike helmets, knee pads, elbow pads – the works.


2. Know your surroundings

Source: deenga.com

Go to the store a day before, maybe even a week before. Make sure you know the lay of the land. Everything from hiding spots, areas of sanctuary and locating everything you’d want to buy.


3. Watch your back

Source: Deenga

Sales are not just a game, they are serious business. It’s like you’re going into war friends, and war – is no joke.


4. Bring back up, people you can trust

Source: deenga.com

Keep your friends and family nearby, make sure whoever you bring along is mentally and emotionally prepared for what is to come.


5. Do NOT get emotional

Source: deenga.com

Keep your emotions out of it. The sales may test you and your soul, but keep your EYES ON THE PRICE (price hehe, get it?)



Source: deenga.com

This is probably the thing everyone should be wary of. BEWARE the aunties. They are the queens of sales and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to take you.

You’ve been warned.


7. Trust NO ONE

Via: deenga.com

Okay, even though you may bring your ‘loving’ friends and family, know that you may not be able to trust them either. There’s nothing like a good sale on your favourite shirt that can change everything. Beware friends. Beware.


8. Have a game plan

Source: deenga.com

Get in, get done, get out.


9. Eat pehlay

Source: deenga.com

Energise your body. Eat some meat, some veggies, those extra calories will protect you.


10. Stay hydrated

Source: deenga.com

Take your water with you, you never know how long you’re going to be


11. Have plenty of vitamins

This isn’t just a mental game, it’s physical too friends, start chewing.


12. Know when to get out

Source: deenga.com

When things get too tough, when it’s all too much to handle – know when to get out. IT’S NOT WORTH IT PEOPLE, IT’S NOT WORTH ITTTTTT

13. Lol, stay home and just shop online

Source: Deenga

Lol, choro yaar – stay home, get on your laptop and enjoy the hundreds and hundreds of benefits of online shopping.

So the thing is, as GREAT as going crazy in sales is, it’s khwaari that we all don’t need. And want to know something else? Daraz doesn’t want you to either.

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