The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Internet In Pakistan

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Internet In Pakistan

The internet can be a wonderful thing, instantly connecting you to the rest of the world and giving you access to services that enable you to do incredible things. Can you imagine how life would be without Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat?

If there was no internet, how else would we have found out about the Chai Walla aka Arshad Khan?


See gifs like these?

Hear about the longest Pakistani Wedding?


See a video of Imran Khan working out?

imran khan workout

You get the idea… it’d be pretty dull, albeit more productive (but hey, we all make compromises.). One of its greatest facets, though, is its ability to give everyone a voice.


But for all its greatness, the internet in Pakistan isn’t without its flaws. 

People will try to find ways to exploit the internet for their own gains and this can, unfortunately, come at the expense of someone else. Whether it’s through trolling, harassment, catfishing, theft, etc, it’s important to use the internet safely. Besides, anyone who says you can avoid these problems by simply not using the internet clearly doesn’t understand the internet. So, how do you go about it?


1. Cyber Bullying

Often a result of internet trolls, who don’t have much to do and want to make sure no one else does either. What may seem like innocent fun to one person can be a nightmare for another, often causing a lot of psychological issues for young kids especially.

Solution: ignore, delete, block, move on.


2. Careful what you post

Imagine this scenario: You’re in college and hanging out with friends. As friends do when they’re together, you take some very awkward photos of awkward situations as a joke. A few years down the line, you’re applying for a job. They run a background security check and find that picture. Good bye dream job.

Solution: careful what you post. You never know who might see it.


3. Phishing

Waisay, privacy is not what it used to be in the internet age. But you still have to be careful about the information you upload on websites, especially websites you don’t know about. So, sites like Facebook, you can sort of trust (wink wink) but some random website asking for personal  information…probably not a good idea.

Solution: be smart about which websites you give information to.


4. Stalking

Often found lurking in the “others” section of your Facebook inbox. Careful of anyone making some false promises and don’t you dare click on any links a stranger sends because virus ho sakta hai

Solution: don’t talk to strangers you don’t know.


There’s no way you’re going to stop people from using the internet. Which is why it’s great seeing a company like Telenor really spearhead the cause of raising awareness around internet safety. But that’s not all – they took it a step further and even set a Guinness World Record in the process.


A. Guinness. World. Record. From. Pakistan.


So basically, Telenor Pakistan, in collaboration with Beaconhouse School System, officially broke the Guinness World Records title for ‘Longest Chain of People Clasping Wrists’. The official attempt to make the new record took place on 29th September 2016 at Jinnah Stadium, Sports Complex Islamabad, where 2,950 participants formed the human chain and kept it intact for 60 seconds. The participants included employees of Telenor Pakistan and students of Beaconhouse School System who formed the chain to show solidarity with Telenor Pakistan’s initiative to promote safe use of internet, especially among the younger generation, as the company builds on its ambition to provide ‘Internet for All.’

Use the internet. But do it safely.

guinnessThis post is sponsored by Telenor Pakistan.

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