Glow And Lovely Is Reimagining An Empowered World For All Women & That's Inspiring

By MangoBaaz Studio | 4 Nov, 2020

Glow and Lovely is now catering to a diverse, all-inclusive beauty in its new anthem

The renowned skin-care brand “Fair and Lovely” became the center of attention when it rebranded itself as “Glow and Lovely” after calls for embracing modern values. For a South-Asian society shaming girls for their dark-skinned tones, this step feels like a breath of fresh air. The brand also announced dropping words like ‘fairness’, ‘whitening’, and ‘lightening’ from their messaging.

No doubt, this historic step is just the beginning of a whole new transition.


Skin color obsession has been a huge stigma in our part of the world and this step by Glow and Lovely is definitely in the right direction

Source: Glow And Lovely


In order to embrace these new values, Glow and Lovely launched their new anthem and it’s everything a Pakistani woman of the 21st century actually is

Shedding the archaic beauty standards, the new anthem represents diverse, all-inclusive beauty. Sung by Aima Baig, the chorus of the anthem echoes, “mitti ke sau rung hein. Aik rung main aik rung tu.”

Source: Glow And Lovely


The anthem features an array of talented strong Pakistani women from all fields of life, finding their paths and pursuing their dreams

Embracing not just diversity in skin color, the brand goes a step ahead while selecting unconventional female figures to narrate the message of positive all-inclusive beauty.

Source: Glow And Lovely


We have Hajra Khan, Pakistan’s female football team captain

Source: Glow And Lovely


Natalia Gul Jilani, a stand up comedian

Source: Glow And Lovely


And Sumaira Waris, a tabla percussionist, to name a few

The anthem explores all the fierce women, shattering all odds to pursue their dreams. We have Saman Vani, a photographer, Maliha Qaiser, a bike enthusiast, Sayyada Naina, a boxer and Fatima tul Zara, a dhol player, among others.

Source: Glow And Lovely


With this reimagined world of empowered women, the brand expands and recognizes the beauty of the Pakistani skin color palette

The messaging is disruptive unlike previous communications and the right step towards the evolution of the brand. The concept echoes the message of confidently embracing one’s identity, fighting for dreams, being limitless even amidst odds.

Source: Glow And Lovely


The Glow and Lovely anthem not only empowers women, but it also encourages them to awaken their ‘inner glow’

While the offering of a “glowing” skin is certain by the brand, the message of empowerment translates into more than just that. Women who grab their destiny in their own hands and conquer uncharted territories are awakening the same glow that the product aims to do for them. So there couldn’t really be a more perfect fit to share this message for women all around the country, and beyond.

You can watch the entire anthem here:

Being the industry leader, no doubt that Glow and Lovely has paved the way for an all-inclusive multidimensional outlook of beauty. It is portraying how Pakistani women actually are and acknowledging the South Asian color palette that needs no ‘whitening’. However, the question remains, will the Pakistani consumer and the market be ready to welcome the change?

So, what do you think about this new empowering anthem? Let us know in the comments.


Cover image via Glow and Lovely

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