Gigi Hadid Bhabhi Using Shan Masala Has Legit Shocked Pakistanis

By Anoosha Rehan | 30 Dec, 2020

For obvious reasons, Pakistanis have to be a part of the lives of Zayn Malik and his boo, Gigi Hadid.  We’re fully invested in their whereabouts and closely analyze the relationship dynamics between the two. Pakistanis truly feel the couple has their roots in Pakistan and even at the slightest hint, they feel overjoyed.

From the looks of it, the desi in Gigi Hadid has been spotted again and people are ecstatic.

On her Instagram story, American fashion model, Gigi shared a photo of her spice collection and our very own Shan Masala was spotted slightly.

Source: @daniawaheed3 / Twitter

Goes without saying, people were ELATED at the thought of Gigi Hadid using a local masala 

The fact that our masala satisfied Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy cravings was something everyone took pride in

People had never felt more validated. Itni khushi…

Pakistanis took a moment to appreciate their elite taste buds that Gigi seemed to share, too.

#GigiGotShan started trending

Jokes were made

Now that people have seen Gigi’s spice shelf, they are intrigued to know more about her recipes and the assumptions are dropping in.

There’s no stopping people, is there?

Gigi is Shan’s new brand ambassador and she doesn’t even know it!

While some are trying to prove that Zayn is behind it 👀

People cannot seem to hold their horses and are dreaming of collaborations already!


They have it all sorted out, bas Gigi kay haan ka intezar hai.

However, some are calling out Pakistanis for always wanting to seek validation.

It had been a while seeing Pakistanis getting so hyped up over something. We are glad Gigi has brought some masala into our lives! These trending conversations are always a gentle reminder that it is the little things in life that can unexpectedly make you happy. Are you excited about Gigi’s spice collection? Share with us in the comments below!


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Cover image via: / @daniawaheed3 via Twitter / @KanzaSohail98 via Twitter

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