If You Loved Gigi Hadid's Kurta That She Wore On Eid, Here's How You Can Get Your Hands On It RIGHT NOW

By Arslan Athar | 23 Aug, 2018

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are pretty much always in the spotlight. From them walking down the streets in New York City or waking up together and being all cute. Recently, Gigi joined Zayn and his family for their Eid celebrations and honestly, it was the cutest thing ever!

She’s honestly hitting all those desi fashion notes ever so effortlessly 

The whole family looked AMAZING

Now, everything said and done, Gigi won the show at the Malik household. We were obsessed with her look so we kept digging through Instagram for more photos and made an amazing discovery.

If you loved Gigi Hadid’s looks just as much as we did, not to worry, you can copy the look.

The jora is from our very own Pakistani brand, Almirah! There’s a huge Pakistani designer wear retailer by the name of ‘Janan’ that sells the brand’s lines in the UK. So if you’re in England or in Pakistan, aap ye khareed saktay hai! 

If you want a closer look..

Source: almirah.com.pk

Another angle 

Source: almirah.com.pk

Pakistanis gave their approval 

Via Instagram

Some had a very valid concern; prices kahi hike na jaye 

Via Instagram

We all were focused on Gigi, but Zayn was serving us some lewWwWks 

Via Instagram

Pride was at an all-time high

Via Instagram

Bas logon ko scandal nikalnay ka shok hai 

Via Instagram

Susraal really does care, doesn’t it 

Via Instagram

ZiGi fever was reaching new peaks 

Via Instagram

It was really sweet of Gigi to go over to the Malik home and spend Eid with the family, and immerse herself in their culture. Maybe things are getting pretty serious between the two? Who knows?

Did you love her look and more importantly, are you going to head out to buy it? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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Cover image via: @therealshowsha / Instagram

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