Killer Whale Was Spotted In Pakistani Seas For The First Time And Here's How Pakistanis Are Reacting

By Zeest Qureshi | 23 Nov, 2017

Killer whale, also known as Orca, is known as one of the most exotic and one of the most dangerous sea creatures ever. Although, they have rarely been known to attack people, unless specifically provoked or kept in captivity. There’s a lot of mythology about them too but then again, all of that doesn’t mean they’re actually “killer” whales. That doesn’t stop people from being fascinated by this majestic sea creature.


A pool of three killer whales was discovered near Churna Island in Karachi by fisherman Muhammad Muneeb and people can’t believe it

The nearest areas to Pakistan that the killer whale is found in are Oman or in the Persian Gulf and this is the only authentic reporting of the magnificent creature being seen in Pakistan’s waters.


People can’t even believe that a whale was actually spotted in Pakistan’s waters

Source: The Times of Karachi / Facebook

However, the fact that a whale was spotted in the Arabian Sea is an extremely important indicator of biodiversity of Churna Island and the area around it. Efforts need to be taken by the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean to preserve the underwater wild life.


People are even jealous of the fisherman who got a once in a lifetime chance of seeing the magnificent creature

Source: @WWF Pak / Twitter


And this person is rightfully concerned about the creature’s safety from fishermen and corporate greed of Pakistanis


Some are actually commenting on how sad it is that the Orcas have come all the way into the Indian Ocean thanks to climate change

Source: The Times of Karachi / Facebook

The World population of the killer is an estimated 50,000 and most of its population lives in the antarctic seas but due to climate change the whales are moving up North and have been spotted in unlikely locations.


And this cracked a dark joke about the climate change


Others have also started making plans to go diving and snorkeling to meet these creatures, which sounds scary

Source: Times of Karachi / Facebook


Let’s hope the killer whales find their way back to a well-suited habitat.


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