Feroze Khan Just Trolled And Then Appreciated Kangana Ranaut & Now Everyone's Confused AF

By Noor | 29 Aug, 2020

Did Feroze Khan really praise Kangana Ranaut for her Modi bhakti?

Kangana Ranaut has had a great fall, ever since she went from being the face of modern feminism in India to anti-peace, Modi bakht psychosis. The anti-Pak attitude of the actress continues to feed the antagonism reflected in the statements issued by her. In an attempt to support the claims by BJP, the ruling party of India, Kangana frequently drags Pakistan and spews hate across this side of the border.


Kangana Ranaut is one of the Indian celebrities who celebrated the illegal revocation to article 370 in the Indian occupied Kashmir


Kangana has also supported the ban of Pakistani celebrities from the Bollywood and she frequently, out of  no reason, brings Pakistan into the scene and unnecessarily accuses the country of being involved in the internal affairs of the Indian state.


Given her rhetoric, many people clapback at her and try to knock some sense into her

Like how Momina Mustehsan recently dragged Kangana for her anti-Pakistan rhetoric.


Well, Feroze Khan also took a recent opportunity to troll Kangana Ranaut after a poster for her upcoming film was launched

Making reference to the Abhinandan incident, Feroze trolled Kangana’s new movie poster which showed Kangana dressed up in Indian Air Force gear in front of an airplane.


Upon being asked by a follower not to stoop low to her level, Feroze Khan appreciated Kangana Ranaut for her statements and implied that he’s inspired by her to do the same for his country

The actor mentioned that it requires a lot of courage to fearlessly stand for what you think is right and in his opinion, Kangana has been doing this since the beginning of her career. He also praised the way the actress stood in support of the weaker factions of the society. He ended his statement by saying that he’s going to so the same and will not really care about what others have to say in this particular regard.


Naturally, this statement by Feroze Khan regarding Kangana Ranaut has confused many, many people

Folks rightfully responded by pointing out that there’s a thin line between reacting in an irrational way and by carefully raising the voice to highlight the concerns. The way Kangana has been making nationalistic rhetoric is not a show of “patriotism”, it’s war-mongering. Just like that time when Priyanka did it.


People tried to tell Feroze Khan that Kangana Ranaut is only an attention seeker who loves to indulge in these anti-Pakistan stunts and patriotism aside, he should never be inspired by her style of patriotism


Quite a few folks were disappointed to see Feroze Khan praising Kangana Ranaut, even if it’s done to explain his stance about her


They said that Feroze should definitely voice his support for his country but shouldn’t follow the insanity and irrationality of the tactics used by Kangana Ranaut


A few stated that Feroze did make a valid point, regardless of how weird it may be for him to appreciate someone like Kangana

They pointed out how some people in the industry ahemYasirHussainahem reveal their hypocrisy by claiming that India shouldn’t ban our actors but criticize Turkish celebrities for endorsing Pakistani brands. They understood that the support for our country could be more honest, instead of hypocritically doing it only when it suits one’s wallet.

Okay, so while there’s room to show support for your country and its policies, one being a public figure should act responsibly by keeping the region’s peace as the topmost priority and should not at any cost allow nationalistic fervor to fan the flames of violence or hate in the region. So a less for Feroze Khan here is that he should definitely be supporting his country but that doesn’t mean he should go overboard and get inspired by Kangana Ranaut and start war-mongering like her.

What are your thoughts about all this? Let us know in the comments below.


People Are Accusing Kangana Ranaut For Using Sushant Singh Rajput For Her Own Gains


Cover image via: farahdeen.com  / outlookindia.com

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