A Guard Slapped A Female News Reporter On Air In Pakistan And It’s NOT Okay

A Guard Slapped A Female News Reporter On Air In Pakistan And It’s NOT Okay

In a country where harassment, honor and rape are becoming topics of informed discussion among politicians, activists, feminist circles and the common man, one may presume that we are headed towards the right track. It was only recently that the nation celebration in jubilation after an unforgivable loophole was removed in legislation for honor killing cases making jail time mandatory for perpetrators. However, the bill might be put to test sooner than we all anticipated.


A video surfaced over the internet today of a female being reporter physically harassed by a police officer, on air.

A reporter for K21 News, Saima Kanwal, is seen cornering the said police official for what seems like manhandling and misbehavior with the ladies present at FC. An unverified source reported this bit of information:

“Well, he is a soldier (Lance Naik) from Frontier Constabulary, which is a paramilitary force like Rangers.
The way the anchor was provoking him by making a film for her channel was not prudent at all. The channels should follow a strict Code of Conduct.

The soldier will definitely be expelled. He may also get a Rigorous Imprisonment. He shouldn’t have lost his patience.”


People who have stumbled upon this bizarre video have the following reactions:





While traditional media personnel must be trained to avoid turning a simple news report into an ambush, in no way does this legitimize the uniformed police officer’s unwarranted response.


This is the video of the incident that was put up by Fayyaz Younis, a reporter at a private TV channel:

This is a developing story.



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