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Fake Photos Of The New Islamabad Airport Have Been Circulating And People Are Just Noticing It

Fake Photos Of The New Islamabad Airport Have Been Circulating And People Are Just Noticing It

If you were on Twitter this weekend, you may have noticed some images of the new Islamabad Airport circulating:

Source: Nighat Dad Via: Twitter


Source: Nighat Dad Via: Twitter

Stunning right? Except, lmao, they were fake.

The images that were shared all over the Internet by people, including Nighat Dad and ‘The News’, were in reality, of an airport in the Middle East, not in Islamabad.

Source: @thenews_intl Via: Twitter


Lmao, talk about awkward.

source: Deenga

The tweet by Nighat Dad was quickly removed, however, many others had been sharing the images as well, for which reason, this was now considered the new airport.

And in truth, we ourselves started to write an article on the ‘beautiful first pictures of the airport’ until we noticed it wasn’t the airport, lol.

As did a ton of other people, all over Twitter.

Now, this is the digital age and Twitter does have the ability to drive us a little mad when it comes to sharing fake news, but, lol, come on now people.

And for those of you interested in seeing what the new airport is ACTUALLY going to look like,

Here you go.

Now, we are hoping that the official Government’s Twitter is a valid source, but in case these are wrong, we’ll find out when the actual airport opens, on the 20th of April, this year.

Source: @pid_gov Via: Twitter

Still pretty stunning.

Source: @pid_gov Via: Twitter


Source: @pid_gov Via: Twitter

What do you think of the fake pictures? The real pictures? The Islamabad airport? ISLAMABAD? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: @NighatDad Via: Twitter

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