This University In Faisalabad Will Celebrate “Sister's Day” On February 14th And LOL, Sab Already Brozone Hogaye

By Noor | 13 Jan, 2019

So we all are aware of the ‘critical’ bond between Pakistan and Valentine’s Day, right? We literally know the entire saga from the court’s ban on valentine’s day to PEMRA’s famous ban on promoting Valentine’s Day as well. So, as the most romantic day of the year is getting closer, once again, a piece of jaw-dropping piece of news has surfaced.

Basically, the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad has decided to celebrate “Sister’s Day” instead of Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.

Source: FOX

James Charles is SHOOK.

Source: James Charles/YouTube

(Beauty community reference for those who don’t get it. Had to.)

As stated by the administration of the university, they aim to inculcate Eastern values and want to ensure that Western values do not taint our image, or values.

The university’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Randhawa, stated: “We are enriched in our culture, norms, and Islamic values. We are mulling a plan to distribute scarf, shawls and gowns printed with UAF insignia among female students on the day. In our culture, women are more empowered and earn due respects as sisters, mothers, daughters and wife.”

Mmm…kay. Sounds problematic. Women are more than their ties to men and can be empowered in numerous other ways. This is kinda absurd. But khair.

The celebrations of Sister’s Day will include a special ceremony. They added to their statement by saying that the ceremony will be conducted to distribute scarfs, gowns and shawls. Interesting. Anyhoo, since this news is spectacular as is, it was bound to get people talking. And it did.

After the announcement, people started hoping that it’s a jugat too

Shots were fired as log Faisalabad ke saath personal hogaye

A few sarcastically said that it’s fine because sisters do become Valentines eventually

People mocked Faisalabadi aashiqs too

Some people even thought Lahoris should take notes

A few were really happy and said kay Valentine’s Day ka kharcha bach gaya

Others said that this issue should be ignored because of its negligible importance

So what do you think about the whole issue? Is the decision praise-worthy ya dil toot gaya? Is your university planning a similar thing too? Please let us know everything in the comments below.

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Cover image via KR Waleed(photography)/Facebook

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