Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Are Down Worldwide. Again

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Apr, 2019

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down again.

While it may still be April, it is not an April Fool’s joke. This comes only four months after a similar worldwide outage faced by the apps. The worldwide outage appears to have begun at 3.30pm Pakistan Standard Time. Facebook’s desktop or mobile versions are giving error screens, WhatsApp is not sending or receiving messages and Facebook and Instagram apps are not loading for many users around the world.

Source: independent.co.uk


The company is yet to give an official update by the internet has migrated to Twitter again and the jokes are just SAVAGE

Most people thought it was their wifi’s fault at first


But soon Twitter trends confirmed people’s concerns, worldwide

Via: Twitter


People appreciated that Twitter is a separate company so they could share all their jokes somewhere

Some of Game of Thrones fans are happy that spoilers for the show won’t ruin their experience

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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook is obviously being trolled


and finally, one by yours truly

* shameless self plug*


Go out, have fun until Facebook, Insta and WhatsApp are down. It won’t last long.


This is a developing story.


Cover image via: bloomberg.com

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