Dengue In Pakistan Is On The Rise Again, Here's How The Government Is Tackling It This Time

By Noor | 14 Apr, 2019

Dengue in Pakistan could become a serious concern again

So we all, by and large, understand that Dengue is a potentially fatal illness that’s transfered through mosquitoes. In case you don’t know what it really is, here’s a little summary: Dengue is a serious viral disease which gets transmitted via female mosquitos. Its symptoms include fatigue, nausea, fever and skin rashes.


At one point, not too far in history, Dengue had become a serous epidemic in Punjab and parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Though the government has made some serious efforts to fight against this disease still traces of the dengue larvae are found across various parts of the country



Recently, it has surfaced that the newly found traces of Dengue larvae have alarmed the Government

So much so that a “red alert” was issued back in February because of the high number of larvae being found. The larvae have been found in many areas near Rawalpindi.



So what is the Government doing to fight this alarming concern about Dengue being widespread again?

It is being said that the exponentially increased number of the dengue larva has urged the health ministry to take stern measures. The ministry has notified the heads of the government schools in Punjab to take prompt action in this regard. Directions have been given to the deputy commissioners and the heads of the schools. The secretary of education has instructed the schools to ensure cleanliness and destroy all the larvae present.



Detailed instructions have been issued by the Health Ministry to ensure that the already present larvae of dengue don’t spread

Schools have been instructed to prevent water stagnation and spraying the entire arena is mandatory. Detailed cleaning of schools is made compulsory. Moreover, the schools are required to send photos to the Ministry of education via WhatsApp. It is also stated that any negligence in this matter will be followed by a strict action.


The prompt action taken by the government is commendable. Though these are just mere instructions and the success regarding getting rid of dengue is contingent on the smooth implementation of these instructions. The government has addressed the main issue but there’s a lot more that can be done. The previous successful projects and campaigns regarding the dengue issue can be used as the sample plans which can help the government to measure its performance in curbing this menace of dengue.


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