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By MangoBaaz Studio | 10 Jun, 2022

#HushPuppies, a global footwear brand, has always been empowered by optimism, that is, choosing to see the good in every situation, and has dedicated its efforts to inspiring individuals to live life on the bright side. It goes without saying that optimism makes people more resistant to stress, and helps them live longer, brighter, and happier.

Having committed to promoting positivity, #HushPuppies regularly onboards ‘Optimism Instigators’ – people who not only understand the significance of optimism in everyday life, but also go the extra mile to share their ‘how to stay optimistic?’ formula with people in unconventional ways. They are cherished for initiating small acts of positivity that inspire others to think in a different, yet optimistic direction, ultimately making their lives brighter.

In its attempt to advance a positive mindset, #HushPuppies encourages its audience to interact with the optimism instigators to learn how to overcome the ‘glass is half empty’ perspective into a more positive, optimistic approach – ‘glass is half full.’ Needless to say, the optimism instigators inspire people to not only embrace the normal and abnormal challenges, but also discover pleasure and gratification in everything they do, championing a crisp outlook on life.

The footwear brand has recruited optimism instigators in different cities across the world, and so, it is impossible to interact with each one of them in person. However, #HushPuppies did not let physical barriers get in the way of streaming positivity. With the launch of an independent platform, ‘The Bright Side,’ the brand virtually introduces some of the most inspirational personalities to the world who, through their personal struggles and motivational life stories, encourage people to stay positive. The conversations are hosted by everyone’s favorite and the ever-cheerful personality, Adeel Hashmi, who interviews guests from a range of backgrounds.

There is more to these conversations than just being a plain discussion of how one can stay optimistic. Guests divulge insightful personal stories, life achievements, struggles, and what motivated them to stay positive in the face of challenges they encountered. The key takeaways from this show are the lessons one can implement in their personal lives to be happier and more successful.

If this is anything that interests you, and you wish to spread awareness about this life-changing initiative, please do turn to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Spotify, or Apple Podcast to stream the conversations.

For more details and updates, we encourage you to follow Bright Side on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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