Everything You Need To Know About YouTuber Rooh Naqvi

By MangoBaaz Studio | 18 Dec, 2021

Rooh Naqvi is considered one of the fastest-growing YouTube stars of Pakistan. He is 23 years old and was born on 28 June 1997 in Karachi, Pakistan. He spent his early life in Pakistan, but he and his family had to move to Canada due to some unknown reasons. The huge difference between the Pakistani culture and Canadian culture was a challenge for Rooh in the start. It took some time for him to adjust to the new culture.

Where did he start from?

Rooh got famous in 2017, but most of his followers do not know that he has been on YouTube since 2010. In the start, when he was in high school, he loved to play video games. From there, he started to record videos of himself playing video games and upload those videos.

Though these videos did not help him grow his channel, they helped him know about YouTube and its content creation deeply. Thus, this experience of more than five years helped him ace content creation.

He made his first video other than video games that he uploaded on his channel in November 2017. In this video, he pranked his cousins when they were in Pakistan. His first video reached 1000 views, which motivated him to do more and create more content.

Who supported him?

Rooh is always considered lucky when it comes to the support of family and friends. His family and friends always supported him through this whole period. Rooh has to travel to different places, cities, and countries to make new and unique content. In this regard, Rooh’s family played a very supportive role by allowing him to travel to different places along with his friends at a very young age. He also said that when he uploaded it on YouTube, he and his whole family watched the video together.

Rooh’s friends are also very supportive and always help him to create unique and creative content. Rooh once shared that whenever any friend has a unique idea, he leaves a message in the group chat, and they all meet at one place to work on that idea.

What about education?

Rooh completed his four years IT degree in Canada from Ryerson University. Rooh is a computer geek, and that is the main reason he chooses IT. Rooh always thinks that one should study to educate himself and gain some knowledge. This is why Rooh is planning a Master’s degree too.

Other than YouTube?

According to Rooh that it is not a wise option to put all your eggs in one basket. A person must have an alternative option in his life. That is the reason Rooh spent his four years of life studying about or related to computers. In the field of IT, his favorite subjects are cloud security and server management.

Any new project?

As Rooh’s main focus is to create better content, he is always striving to improve his skills. He is working on improving content creation. He is also working on a project which is a short film. For now, he is just working on the script of the short film. He told briefly about the main idea of the film.

The short film revolves around the generation gap idea. He wants to spread some awareness about the generation about which most people do not know. Moreover, he wants to show that most elders do not understand the generation gap, and they fail to understand their children.

How is he different?

One of the common questions that come to most readers’ minds is how he is different from other content creators. Rooh is different from other content creators in such a way that the main focus of his videos is to spread positivity.

He wants people to see the world through his lens and experience different things with him. He wants to bring smiles to the faces of his audience. Through his videos, he also motivates the youngsters of Pakistan. He encourages the youngsters to believe in their abilities and work hard to achieve their goals. According to him, a person can achieve anything in his life.


Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/roohnaqvi (@roohnaqvi)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/roohnaqvi (@RoohNaqvi)


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