Eva Zu Beck Just Revealed How She Really Feels About Living In Pakistan And It's Not What We Expected To Hear

By Biya Haq | 3 Apr, 2019

Really not sure how to feel about this, tbh.


Eva Zu Beck, our country’s current foreign obsession has officially settled herself in Pakistan.

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I hereby surrender to the awesomeness of the ajrak 😜 NEW VLOG is live on YouTube guys! (LINK IN BIO) In this episode of Eva Travels Pakistan With Jazz, I take you behind the scenes of HOW Pakistan’s favourite crafts, jewellery and accessories are made. I’ll be sharing the artistic process from start to finish and believe me, it’s fascinating 👌 Maybe it’s a little contentious, but I took Lahore’s title as the cultural capital of Pakistan and gave it to Sindh… Because what I experienced in Sindh was the purest form of culture ❤️ How do you feel about that? 😉 Let me know in the comments what you thought about the vlog! #JazzXEva #JazzPK #JazzSuper4G . 📸 by @thesalmanalam

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The travel vlogger who made her way to Pakistan last year has since discovered the beauty within our country and within our people through her adventures all over.

We’re talking all,

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Recently, I was asked about the most important lesson I’ve learnt as a traveller. There is no single answer to that question, but here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. . Traveling from an early age has taught me to become comfortable with uncertainty. Balance all the options, possible routes and alternatives. Keep a measure of optimism as I look towards the future, because even if you find yourself in the darkest of moments, times and circumstances keep changing. But the one constant is that you will have to keep handling those situations – and making them your own. . Yes. Travel has taught me the art of handling uncertainty. How would you answer? What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve gained from travelling? ✨ . 📸 by @ammarluqmansiddique

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I’ve always been mad about horses. Earlier this year, I spent several weeks in Mongolia, riding across the endless steppe and feeling like the freest warrior in the world. . In Mongolia, horses are treated as essential companions, divine creatures in some sense. And although not everyone in Mongolia can ride, horses are in the blood of the people there. . And in Pakistan, you’ll see horses everywhere too. Some of them treated well, others badly. Some used to pull carriages, others trained to play extensive games of polo. . And wherever I come across a horse – anywhere in the world – I cannot resist the urge to jump on and gallop into the distance. . Have you ever ridden a horse? If so, how does it make you feel? . 📸 by @shahid.ali0

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The place.

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Happy World Tourism Day! 🙌 Today, I want to share three lessons I’ve learnt that I know will make you a better traveller. Here they are: . 1️⃣ Love the Earth, the one that gave you all these beautiful places to visit. And show your love by respecting it: Never ever leave litter behind of any kind. Fly less, use overland public transport more. Take note of you car’s emissions. . 2️⃣ Respect the people who welcome you into their country, city, home. Take time to learn about their world. In my experience, the vast majority of people are kind, and if you smile at them, they will smile in return. Cherish that kindness, that reciprocity, cherish the chance to speak with someone who, without knowing you, is letting you into their world. . 3️⃣ Look at the world not just with open eyes, but an open mind too. Remember that media and hearsay have a tendency to oversimplify and overdramatise things. The truth is much deeper and more complex, but also so much more beautiful. You have to see it for yourself. . All of that probably just means “be kind”. Yeah. Good travellers are kind travellers. Kind to nature, kind to fellow human beings, kind to their own minds. . So why don’t we all become the best travellers we can be? 😊🙏 . . . 📸 by AR, August 2018, Desan Meadows in Swat Valley, Pakistan. Really I’m still in Lahore 😉

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Eva truly has been making her mark on Pakistan and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to stop anytime soon. Of course, like many foreigners before her, Eva has garnered a number of critics along with her fans.

Recently, Eva posted about her true feelings towards living in Pakistan on her Instagram story.

The vlogger updated her story feed while travelling back to Islamabad from Iraq where she was visiting.

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In her story, she revealed her feelings towards Pakistan and how she felt like it was her home.

Eva described herself being ‘more like an immigrant’ than a tourist in Pakistan and finding a sense of love, friendship and ‘creative satisfaction’ here. She admitted to it being difficult at times however pressing the fact that it was her personal feeling.

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The story update perhaps comes from the fact that many people in Pakistan have called her out for her position in our society thanks to social media but mostly thanks to the fact that she’s the new foreigner our country is obsessed with.

However, Eva is just one personality who has made her way to a new country to explore the world around her.

In the past year or so, multiple foreign vloggers and YouTubers have made their way to Pakistan and have been able to grab the attention of people all over the country.

Everyone from comedian Jeremy McLellan,

To Cynthia D. Ritchie.

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Hum TV. #internationalwomensday

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Various personalities have made their mark in Pakistan, shedding light on everything from our people, food and hospitality.

And though it is only good press and good coverage, people are often put off by the fact that all these people have to do in order to gain the attention and views of everyone here is be foreign. Now, this isn’t really a bad thing and if anything, it is the smart way to go in terms of content creation. But what it is, is a reflection of our own tendencies of following people or trends solely because they are foreign.

With regards to opportunities in this country, it seems that people of the likes of Eva and  Trevor James aka the Food Ranger are given the green light over local creators like Mooroo and Ali Gul Pir.


Just take the Pakistan Tourism Summit, for instance.

Not a SINGLE local content creator or travel vlogger was invited to represent Pakistan.

How is it that foreigners who have only been in this country for a short while are given preference over people who are doing a fantastic job in their field and more importantly, truly represent Pakistan.

Again, not saying that this is completely on foreign YouTubers and social media personalities – they are just creating content. However, it does say something about the kind of people we are and the fact that we are more enamored by people outside of our own that we feel the need to choose them over our own local talent.

The fact that Eva admitted to calling herself an ‘immigrant’ in our country as opposed to a true part of it, feels like a bit of acceptance from her side in knowing that one can never take the place of someone else in a country. Yet, we need to question the people and businesses in this country who have the tendency to latch on to foreign faces and place them on a pedestal, both on social media and in our lives.



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Cover photo source: @evazubeck Via Instagram

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