‘E-Sharp' And ‘Aarish’ Are Quickly Becoming Fan Favorites After This Week’s Pepsi Battle Of The Bands

By MangoBaaz Studio | 15 Jul, 2019

This week’s Pepsi Battle of the Bands marked the beginning of the new rules of the game. This episode featured three head to head battles between six bands out of the Top 12. Three bands, out of these, would end up in the bottom, and it will up to the judges which one band they will save.

Before the contestants came out to perform, Strings opened the show with their song ‘Chal Para’. 

Strings is truly a timeless band. Whenever they perform, you’re left in awe and slightly in love with them. This time was no different. Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood have managed to keep their charm and on-stage presence intact over these many years. When they’re on stage, it’s still they haven’t aged at all- they’re energy and their chemistry is still so alive, and it’s honestly hypnotic to watch.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Chal Para’, as usual, is such a fantastic song. It’s catchy and is in line with their usual style of music.  It might have been 30 years of Strings, but their sound is still just as relevant and just as lovable as before.


The first head to head battle after Strings’ performance was between ‘E Sharp’ and ‘Skehlaaj’. 

Personally, I had a lot of hopes for ‘E-Sharp’ after last week’s incredible performance of their original, ‘O Shabana’. Let’s just say that they lived up to their hype! Their song was called ‘Awaami Mulazim’. As the name suggests, the song was tongue-in-cheek, but still, a total treat to hear. Skehlaaj followed this up with their original ‘Motion’. Unlike ‘E-Sharp’, this song was far more intense and more ‘rock’.

Between these two, the judges picked ‘E-Sharp’, and also gave Skehlaaj some tips over their lyrics and vocals.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Next up were Mousiqa and Neon, and Neon didn’t go easy on them!

Neon took the stage first and performed their song ‘Haddi Daal Do’. This was their first performance in front of a live audience! The lyrics of this song also tried to be cheeky, but sadly for Neon, the judges didn’t think so. Mousiqa then took on the stage with their song, ‘Dhundun Kya‘. The song didn’t quite hit the mark, and the judges agreed. In the end, they chose to stick with Neon!

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Lastly, Starzone and ‘Aarish’ took the stage to battle it out!

Starzone sang ‘Taaron Ki Roshni‘ and it was just as soulful as it sounds! They had the audience and the judges swooning! ‘Aarish’ came in guns blazing with their track called ‘Awaaz’, and they too left everyone in the room spellbound. The judges admitted to having a tough time picking which band to choose to go into the next round. It was a tough call, but they chose ‘Aarish’.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Now the judges had to choose ONE band out of the three left to save. 

It came as NO surprise that Starzone was chosen to prove their worth in the competition. Before the show ended, Faisal Kapadia announced that ‘E-Sharp’ was the performer of the episode and handed them a brand new guitar, signed by all the judges.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Have you seen the episode? Which band are you rooting for? Let us know in the comment 🙂

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, WATCH IT HERE!

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: Pepsi Pakistan

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