The Second Episode Of Pepsi Battle Of Bands Is Here, And I Can't Stop Singing ‘O Shabana'

By MangoBaaz Studio | 7 Jul, 2019

The second episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands is here. This episode is crucial because this is when the judges decide the top 12 of the competition. For the bands involved, this episode is truly a nail biter.

The episode kicks off on a light note and the return of ‘Kashmir’ to the Pepsi stage. 

They perform their new original, ‘Bhago’, which, just like all their other songs, was just as intense and brilliantly performed.

The first that walks in for an audition in this episode TAKES THE FREAKING CAKE! 

‘E-Sharp’ gave Pepsi Battle of the Bands their first shot in Season 2, but sadly could not make it to the next round. In their pre-performance video, the band members laugh about how they were really disorganized, but they were coming back fully prepared and in sync, they even matched their clothes!

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

They performed a song called ‘The Anthem of Shabana’, and OMG, I honestly, WHAT. A. SONG! The song is SUPER catchy and once you hear it, you can’t NOT get up on your feet and dance.

Once they had performed, Fawad Khan and Meesha Shafi gave them a standing ovation, and without even thinking twice, cleared them for the second round. Now, I know it is pretty early on to have a favorite, but this song captured my heart and my mind, seriously, I’m listening to it as I type this out! If you don’t believe me, just listen to it NOW:


A total of four more bands were added into the Top 12 from this episode. To read who all made it through last week, go here.

After E-Sharp, we were introduced ‘Uraan’. 

This band is a mixed bag of artists, but this is their uniqueness. They claim that each one of their band members adds something new and different to their music. Their original, ‘Khamoshi’ is proof of just that!

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


After one pop number, and one soulful song, it was time for something a bit more traditional!

‘Marjaan’ was the next band up to perform! They brought to life a different type of music, bordering on Sufi and leaning on some rock-ish elements, ‘Marjaan’ presented a different sound with their original, ‘Jhalliya’, which got the judges swooning.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


The last band to make it through was ‘Black Hour’. 

‘Black Hour’ is a desi rock band who’s sound is truly unforgettable! They performed a song called ‘Daulat’, which was purely in Potowari, the band’s native language. This performance stands out from the rest in the episode because of the genre and the language too!

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


The top 12 is VERY diverse and all equally talented! It will be an exciting season and an exciting time to see what band comes to the top!

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Watch this episode and let us know who your favorite is.

The New Season Of ‘Pepsi Battle Of The Bands’ Just Started And The Judges Are Already Giving Standing Ovations

 Cover Photo Courtesy: Pepsi Pakistan

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