Ducky Bhai Just Pranked McDonald's And It Will Give You SO Much Satisfaction

By Biya Haq | 28 Dec, 2018


Ducky Bhai, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the most entertaining YouTubers Pakistan has to offer.

Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube


Everything from roasting Sham Idrees and Froggy to well, lol, roasting Sham Idrees and Froggy, Ducky Bhai’s content is pretty funny.

In his latest video, Ducky Bhai just prank called McDonald’s and it will honestly give you SO much satisfaction.

Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube


Ducky went AT it, asking for an anda wala burger,

Source: Deenga

And continued to give the guy, Haider, a super hard time, asking ridiculous questions and requests from him.

Haider though was a great sport about it and honestly such a good employee because he treated Ducky with respect even though you can tell he really just wanted to hang up the phone and throw it out the window.

Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube

And even though it was short and sweet, that prank call gave SO much satisfaction to everyone who was ever wronged by McDonald’s. Every late order, every wrong order – every CANCELLED ORDER. UGH.

And people who watched the video, couldn’t agree more.

Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube


Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube


Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube


Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube


Source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube

Watch the whole thing here!

You’re always there for us Mickey D’s, but sometimes, you just aren’t the happiest place on earth and this is what you get for it hehe.

What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: Ducky Bhai Via YouTube

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