His “War” With Ducky Bhai May Be Over But Pakistani YouTubers Are SO Not Done With Sham Idrees

By Biya Haq | 11 May, 2018

The topic on everyone’s lips lately, Pakistani YouTube stars Sham Idrees, Queen Froggy and Ducky Bhai, have taken OVER the Internet with their crazy (Bacho wala) feud.

Source: MangoBaaz

Like, completely.


And whether or not it was a mature move or not, Sham recently decided to try and bury the hatchet.

Which, didn’t really work out…

Lol. But either way, it seemed as if the saga was finally coming to an end, or at least that is what we thought.


But guess not. Ducky Bhai came out with yet ANOTHER video, allegedly putting an end to all of this drama.

In the video, Ducky put together a response to Sham Idrees’s previous video, addressing Ducky’s initial video. Yeah, our head hurts too.

BUT ANYWAY, regardless of what has been happening between these three YouTubers, it seems that the rest of the Internet and Pakistani YouTubers specifically have been watching (like the rest of us) and have plenty to say about the whole situation.


Personalities like Zaid Ali T and Shahveer Jafry have stepped up to the YouTube plate and the whole Internet is here to watch.

Zaid Ali gave his two cents on the feud and pushed the message about looking at things in a bigger perspective and a more humble way.


Shaveer Jafry, another Pakistani Canadian YouTuber even made an entire video addressing the feud between Sham and Ducky.

In the video, Shaveer spoke about the fact that the entire fight was blown out of proportion and that the conversation got far too personal. Apart from this Shaveer made some pretty valid points about the general Pakistani entertainer scene on YouTube.

He spoke to the fact that Pakistani YouTubers as a majority are not very supportive of each other and more focused in on attacking other channels to get ahead.


Which is not wrong, especially considering the last couple of days…

Via: Deenga

Upon which Zaid even commented,

Source: Shaveer Jafry Via: YouTube


As well as Bekaar Films also chiming in and agreeing with Shaveer’s message.

Source: Shaveer Jafry Via: YouTube

So, as you can see, the last couple of days have been the breeding ground for YouTube Pakistani drama and though it has been pretty entertaining, it’s about time this all comes to an end.

One thing we can say, even as a Media and entertainment company in Pakistan, the bottom line is about creating engaging and entertaining content for our audiences. That’s about it. So let’s keep it happy, positive and encouraging ya’ll, peace love and good vibes.

What do you think about the whole feud? Do you think you’ve had enough? Still hanging around for more? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


In The Latest Update On Sham Idrees Feud, Ducky Bhai’s Released Another Video And It’s Pure Savagery



After Days Of Confusion, It Seems As If The Sham Idrees, Ducky Bhai Feud Has Finally Come To An End


Cover image via: Adeez TV / YouTube

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