Pakistani Celebrities Are Going LIVE For Edhi And Here's Why You Should Get Involved

By MangoBaaz Studio | 4 Jun, 2018

Who here hasn’t been fangirling over Momina “Afreen Afreen” Mustehsan or day-dreaming about Dr Asfandyar AKA Ahad Raza Mir after his stellar debut in Yakeen Ka Safar? Fandom aside, all your favorite celebrities are banding together for a cause close to every Pakistani’s heart: fundraising for Edhi Foundation. While ramazan is the best time to give back to the society and donate generously, it is times like these when our faith in humanity is restored.

The one of a kind and first ever digital donation drive will facilitate people from all over Pakistan and abroad make live calls and texts their pledges to donate generously to the Edhi Foundation.


Ahad Raza Mir came forward to talk about the initiative and why everyone should get involved:

Actress and Model Maya Ali from the Mann Mayal fame who has been a strong supporter of various causes in the past has been spreading the world about the donation drive.


As has actor and budding philanthropist Ali Rehman Khan also urged his fans to donate:

The Digital fundraiser will be hosted on Coca Cola Facebook page where celebrities including Momina Mustehsan, Ahad Raza Mir Maya Ali, Ali Rehman Khan and Younis Khan will be seen chatting with fans, answering questions LIVE and also accepting pledges for donations.


The digithon will also be joined by the Edhi family.

Source: Dawn

The wife Bilquis Bano and son of Pakistan’s greatest philanthropist will also be joining the live session. Bilquis Bano has also proved herself as a philanthropist – with a background in nursing, she was always Edhi’s companion in all his efforts. The son has since been spearheading the foundation after Edhi’s demise.


With initiatives like “bottles of change” where Pakistanis were encouraged to donate to Edhi…


With a message that even petty change can make a difference…

…To this Digithon, Coca Cola is truly dedicated to give back to the community and so should you.

When; June 5th, 4-6pm


This post has been sponsored by Coca Cola Pakistan. 

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