Delish Pizza Bar In Lahore Is Now Serving A Deep Pan Pizza And Oh Sweet Cheesus

By Sinwan Zahid | 19 Apr, 2018

Set in a quiet, peaceful commercial market lane, a year ago I found Delish Pizza Bar in Lahore. Having previously viewed it in my friends’ Snapchats and Insta posts, I walked into the small, cute shop one day and let’s just say I kept going back after that day.

Having already been a huge fan of their thin crust pizzas, I was invited over for a tasting and I got the chance to discover other things on their menu. Some were items that I’d never tried and then there was a new addition: the Pizzetta.


One of the things that I’ve always loved about Delish Pizza Bar is that they use fresh, real ingredients

Especially with their cheese, I feel that I haven’t tasted pizza that is affordable but also has tasty, real cheese on it. Since I’m a cheese fanatic, my go-to is always their Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) pizza and that blend of cheese is why I have previously recommended the pizza to family and friends.

Their latest addition, the Pizzetta, is everything you wish to have in a classic deep pan pizza

The thing is, Delish Pizza Bar is known for its thin crust pizzas. Going in I was skeptical – would they be able to pull it off or would they fail? On top of that, I was advised by the kind staff there to try out the spinach artichoke pizzetta. That’s not my usual topping, but then of course I went with otherwise it’d be rude. :p

delish pizza bar lahore
Source: MangoBaaz

When the pizza was served with all its molten, bubbly cheese on top

It was golden, nicely done around the sides. I pulled out a slice, and behold! strings of cheese separated and came along with my slice. Mmm delish-shus. Soon it was in my mouth and I was a believer: THEY HAD DONE IT. Remember the old Pizza Hut deep pan that you don’t get now? This pizza was better than that and so much more fresh and flavorful. I was also convinced that day to jump a little out of my comfort zone and give different, unusual toppings a try. Ab spinach artichoke ke ilawa aur kuch soojhta nahi hai.

Then happened the mac n cheese and the beef lasagna

While these always have been on the menu, the thin crust pizzas overshadowed them (at least for me), so this was the first time I was trying them out. While I love mac n cheese, I was craving a cheesy lasagna with loads of authentic tomato sauce and mince and that’s what I went for first. With the kinds of dry, bland lasagnas we get here in Lahore, this one came as a surprise to me. It definitely exceeded my expectations for it was flavorful, cheesy and not dry at all.

delish pizza bar mac n cheese lasagna
Source: MangoBaaz

My niece came along and went straight for the mac ‘n’ cheese

delish pizza bar lahore
Source: MangoBaaz

I wouldn’t say it’s the best mac ‘n’ cheese, probably because I prefer a thinner sauce and some more salt but, hey, my niece hit pan with this one. I mean, just look at her eyeing it (ahahahaaha). It’s a great option for the kids anyway because the sauce is thick, hence it doesn’t spill. It’s also not spicy, so there’s that too. And if you’re a vegetarian and don’t want vegetarian pizza, you can always go for this option.

Lastly, we were served the classic, Lahore-famous Delish thin crust pizzas

No matter how much I’ve had these before, I always love them. Out of the three, I had already tried two toppings. The one below is the Beef Tenderloin – juicy, succulent stir-fried beef tenderloin cuts with jalapenos, mushrooms, onion, and olives.

delish pizza bar lahore
Source: MangoBaaz

And then there is the Quattro Formaggi – a blend of four artisan kinds of cheese and they explode in your mouth. The Quattro Formaggi lets you know that pizza without meat and vegetables is very much possible.

delish pizza bar lahore
Source: MangoBaaz


The third one (on the back) was the Sicilian Chicken – spicy, grilled chicken with olives, mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapenos and loads of mozzarella.

The Sicilian Chicken and Beef Tenderloin are fundamentally the same, except for their meats. All three were on point in their own particular ways. My only advice would be that you start eating as soon as they’re served, as they can get a little stiff and dry after a while.

delish pizza bar lahore
Source: MangoBaaz


At the end of the day, my party and I went home not only full but also immensely impressed. The quality and taste at Delish Pizza Bar only seem to get better. Their Pizzetta, especially, was one of the best deep pan pizzas I’ve tried here and I recommend you try it out too.

I’d also like to mention now that another outlet, much bigger, exists on M.M Alam Road so if you’re planning to take a big party, always go there!

You can check details about Delish Pizza Bar right here.


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Cover image via Delish Pizza Bar/Facebook

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