24 of the Most Honest Confessions of a Desi Girl

By Haadia Paracha | 5 Mar, 2016

Like it or not, life is different for us desi girls on the eastern hemisphere. But what exactly does a “desi girl” stand for?

Urban Dictionary elaborates quite colorfully,


You know a girl is desi if:

She never leaves the house without a ridiculous amount of makeup on (Always on point), especially enough powder or foundation to make her face white (Goray rung ka zamana kabhi hoga na purana?). She will not go [to] a desi function unless she is dressed from head to… toe, with makeup and enough jewelry to be a bride, and the most bad-ass high heels (Damn straight). She is up to date with the latest fashion (From Sana Safinaz to Zuhair Murad, Hell Yea!)

She has stabbed you in the back at least once, if not regularly (HAWWWW)

People on twitter took it upon themselves to further investigate:


1. Desi girls can whip up a storm in a teacup…or a spice-fest in a karahi.


2. We get so excited over potential stalking opportunities of a said cutie.




4. Check, check, check out the bling.


5. #Blessed


6. Never too young for the rishta hunt.


7. Parents basically got everything covered.


8. Because we’re worth it. 


9. Which makes leaving your parents so damn emotional.


10. Families are close-knit and end up being the perfect safety net for rainy days.


11. But not everything is sunny-side up.


12. Being a desi girl isn’t all cotton-candy, butterflies and rainbows.


13. In fact, there are some dark aspects that were also discussed.  Demonizing Malala and Sharmeen, for example.


14. The concept of “haya” (or bay-hayai) was questioned.


15. Societal victim shaming is sadly, one of the biggest concerns.


16. Them aunties have really got some nerve.


17. If we had a hundred rupees for every time we’ve heard this statement, we’d be a millionaire.


18. Log kya kaheingay becoming your KALIMA.


19. Compromise becomes a solid regular entrant in your vocabulary and the color of your skin is the epitome of beauty.


20. Nosy aunties won’t let us be! 


21. Mental illnesses are written off and mother-in-laws are made out to be the devil.


22. Your gender is somehow made out to be a handicap.


23. You eventually grow wary of the expectations.


24. In the name of honour…


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