Here's Everything That Deepika Padukone Wore At The Cannes Film Festival Cuz HOT DAMN GURL

By Sarah Babar | 15 May, 2018

Deepika Padukone is possibly one of the most haseen and proud of it women in the world. No, that is not an exaggeration. She actually is. She is considered laxmi within Bollywood, as in a woman who brings good fortune and money into the workplace. It’s almost like everything she touches turns to gold.


She can also practically pull off any role that she lays her eyes on

Source: Eros International


In the past few years, alone, she’s been giving us one stellar performance after the other

Source: SLB Productions

So whether it was Leela in “Goliyoun Ki Rasleela: Ram Leela” 


Or as the Mastani who stole our hearts in “Bajirao Mastani”

Source: SLB Productions


As Rani Padmini in “Padmaavat”

Source: SLB Productions


And of course with “Cocktail” we saw Veronica, who we fell in love with

Source: Eros International / Illuminati Films


But Deepu has been making headlines of a whole different reason

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram

All of last week we saw Deepika shine bright like a diamond, in all of her glory at the Cannes Film Festival in France.


From totally casual looks, which actually just look like her own clothes

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


To this AMAZING Tome NYC ensemble

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


This Philosophy dress that possibly ONLY Deepika can pull off with such ease

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


Please just check out those earrings, thank you very much


This Zuhair Murad dress just took our breaths in so many way that we just didn’t

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


The lace dress with a gorgeous, gorgeous trail has our hearts

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


Here is a random picture of Deepika looking her flawless self

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


There was this S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G Victoria Hayes ultra ultra violet pantsuit

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


The royal, fairytale dress that is possibly one of Ashi Studio’s best creations, showed Deepika’s edgier side

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


We were almost confused whether this was Ranveer Singh or Deepika channeling her inner Ranveer

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


Then came this sultry, super sexy Alberta Ferretti dress that rendered us juuust a little breathless

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


Just look at how flowy and sunkissed and perfect she looks

Source: @_happyus_ / Instagram


Okay sorry, I’m a liiiittle obsessed

Source: @_happyus_ / Instagram


Dareeeee I say it, Deepika managed to pull off the dress better than Queen Riri, Rihanna, herself



Ugh, this Valentino is a dress that (if I could afford even a sleeve off of it) I’d drape it around myself forever

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram

But Deepu looks gorrrrrrrrrrrgeous and ethereal and just so pretty


And as Deepika bids adieu to France, she ended her Cannes journey just as effortlessly as she started it

Source: @shaleenanathani / Instagram



Sorry Ranveer, but we only had eyes for your girl when she was on the carpet and off it, too. We read your comments on her pictures, too, but we love her almost just as much as you do. Deepika carried her style throughout Cannes, every single dress that she wore reflected a bit of her own personality, within it, too. And we absolutely love that! We would also like to take a moment and thank God for the existence of Deepika and for us to live in the times of Deepika. Let us know what you thought of Deepika Padukone and her looks at the Cannes! We’re waiting to hear from y’all in the comments below! Okay byeee ~


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