Daren Sammy Agreeing To Adopt His Pakistani Fan Is Extremely Adorable AND Hilarious

By Owais Bin Asad | 17 Mar, 2019

West Indian cricket player Daren Sammy has been quite a fan favorite for the longest time. With his charming personality, aggressive batting style, and a knack for local culture, he made his way into our hearts. And with each passing season, he got more and more interested in Pakistani culture.

Source: indiatoday.in

As a player for Peshawar Zalmi, he tried learning Pashto and even tweeted in the local language as well.

People absolutely loved it! Well, I mean…it is really adorable.

Then our boy rocked a kurta shalwar and well…dekhain zara.

Now, this had been enough for a lot of us to fall in love with his personality, but then he took it one step further and visited Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum. Daren Sammy went to check out the leader’s mausoleum and tweeted about it as well.

“What an amazing experience I had visiting the Tomb of the legend Mohammad Ali Jinnah,” he tweeted. “Faith, Unity, Discipline, and add Love to it, will make the world a better place.”


Well, now I want you all to meet Daanika.

Source: Daanika Kamal

Daanika is a human rights lawyer and the founder of The Colour Blue (TCB). TCB is a social enterprise for mental health and is a part of her efforts to affirm mental health as a fundamental human right. She is also a huge cricket fan, with Daren Sammy being one of her favorite players!

So, when she tweeted out to Sammy, things got interesting. With her love for Sammy, she said that she was waiting for him to adopt her.

Same, honestly.

And then Sammy replied! 

“Where do I sign the adoption papers.”

Man, I’d high-key frame that tweet, but that’s just me. Also, can I just say how adorable all of this is? Because honestly, my heart is full after going over this wholesome encounter.

What’s funnier is how Daanika’s mom became a part of the narrative too with her objection.

This is probably how all our parents feel when we say things like these out loud. (Jbtw, for those who don’t know this, that’s Simi Kamal, one of Pakistan’s strongest feminists).

Daanika’s reaction was…well, what anyone’s would be if Daren Sammy agreed to adopt you.

I, too, may have melted into a pile of mush, but that’s just the second-hand adoration talking.

However, people apparently saw this as an opportunity and started messaging Daanika to, in turn,  adopt or marry them just so they could be related to Sammy. Sammy ain’t gonna adopt two people in one day so might as well try getting adopted by the person he’s adopting. The logic is infallible.

This forced Daanika to tweet out the following message:

60+ DMs? Marrying and/or adoption? I feel like Darren Sammy could potentially capitalize on this somehow. But anyway, all of you trying to get adopted by him need to wait – the paperwork has yet to go through.

Anyway, wholesome little instances like these just show us how much PSL has brought the fans closer to their stars. I’m pretty sure Daanika is going to tell this story to EVERYONE she meets and I don’t blame her, I would announce it to the whole world too!

What did you think of this cute conversation? If you could get a message through to Sammy, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below!


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